July 16, 2024


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BRCA R4 Stotfold – 4wd Qualifying Round 3

The suspense of who will finally take pole position for the 4wd A Finals is killing us. Nobody is having clean runs, and it’s coming down to the person with the least mistakes will win. Lee Martin, Michal Orlowski, Tommy Hall, Ben Smith and Neil Cragg all very quick, but having mistakes along the way.

5 places within 3 points…

By the end of Round 3 of 4wd qualifying I can tell you that the first 5 competitors are only separated by 3 points in the overall table – testament to how competitive the series is. The fast man from heat 7 is Paul Crompton. Paul started of the heat very well, on pace with the front-runners, but he started to push to hard and mistakes crept in. He appeared to lose his patience with the car after this second or third error which led to some rough driving as he through the run away. Tyler Liddle was there to clean up with Crompton in self-destruct mode, and he set an excellent time – 14/323.39 and going fifth in round.

2022 BRCA 1/10th Offroad National Championships

Round 4 – Stotfold – 16/17 July 2022

Heat 8 was dominated by the battle between Tommy Hall and Michal Orlowski. Hall had the clearer run of the two and took the heat, but Orlowski looked and was quicker over one lap. Looking at the race times, there was actually nothing between their individual paces. Tommy going 2nd overall on a 14/314.69 with Orlowski 4th some 3 seconds behind.


Heat 9 of 4wd Round 3 was another fast paced qualifier. Niel Cragg lead the heat most of the way with a fast but cautious approach. I wasn’t till lap 10 before a mistake would occur which pushed him back the order to the tune of 4 seconds. Lee Martin was there to overtake Cragg once he faultered – Martin on an excellent run. He held the lead to the end of the heat – taking the round TQ on his way.


4wd Round 3 Qualifying results

1Lee Martin14/313.31
2Tommy Hall14/314.69
3Neil Cragg14/316.73
4Michal Orlowski14/317.98
5Tyler Liddle14/323.39
6Richard Barton13/300.18
7Ben Pugh13/301.31
8Jack Neal13/301.92
9Kit Jones13/305.04
10Matthew Thompson13/305.41

Overall 4wd qualifying points after round 3

1Lee Martin3 [(8) 3 0 (84)]14/313.31
2Neil Cragg3 [(6) 0 3 (84)]14/316.24
3Michal Orlowski4 [0 (11) 4 (84)]14/314.81
4Tommy Hall4 [2 (4) 2 (84)]14/314.69
5Ben Smith5 [3 2 (77) (84)]14/319.75
6Paul Crompton11 [4 7 (38) (84)]14/322.19
7Ross Nicholson12 [12 (21) (53) 0]13/307.34
8Lloyd Storey13 [5 8 (16) (84)]14/323.05
9Ben Pugh13 [(10) 6 7 (84)]13/300.60
10Phil Sleigh14 [9 5 (84) (84)]14/323.02

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