July 12, 2024


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Epic opening to the Masters

Some video and photos from Round 1 of the Schumacher Outdoor Offroad Masters from Telford

Telford in the UK midlands played host to round 1 of the inaugural Schumacher Outdoor Offroad Masters. Although not an official BRCA series, the Masters has been adopted by many as this year’s replacement nationals, as the official Championship has been cancelled due to the pandemic.

And, speaking of the pandemic, it also meant that RacewayOne was unable to attend the event. We’d like to start by thanking all of the people who offered to contribute – all of the following content was from them.

In future rounds, assuming we are allowed to travel, we will bring you a full report on the weekend. But for this round you will have to be satisfied with the content we could remotely gather only.

The track…..

I don’t think that anyone can deny how well prepared the track was for the weekend. Although the weather was challenging at times, the technical nature of the infield really separated the men from the boys.

2wd A Final Leg 1 – results at end of video

2wd A Final Leg 2 – Results and Overall Points at the end

2wd A Final Leg 3 – Results and overall at the end

1st Tommy Hall, 2nd Neil Cragg, 3rd Ben Smith

4wd A Final Leg 1 – results at the end

4wd A Final Leg 2 – results at the end

4wd A Final Leg 3 – results and overall at the end

1st Tommy Hall, 2nd Neil Cragg, 3rd Jamie Hall

Superb result not just for Tommy, but Jamie Hall also. You didn’t have to be psychic to see the potential in these two young men over the last few seasons. We look forward to see how far they can go in the future. However, it’s a long season and the old guard is going to want to settle the score – all eyes on Mendip in a few weeks.

A few days after Telford the Hall Brothers spoke to the Extra Lap RC Podcast. You can catch it on Spotify – Extra Lap RC https://open.spotify.com/episode/3zCrjugA5L7DUIvv8HU6hA

See you in Mendip on July 24/25….. hopefully