July 16, 2024


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BRCA R4 Stotfold – 4wd Qualifying Round 2

Round 2 of 4wd qualifying from Stotfold was less about who as fastest and more about who would crash the lease. First top gun out in heat 7 was Paul Crompton. Again he was ballistic, but didnt have a clean run – only managing the fastest of 13 lappers. Lloyd Storey and Jack Neal close behind him.

Heat 8 was more interesting. Michal Orlowski led the field away, and he looked like a man on mission. The car looks more edgy than others but Orlowski is getting the best of lap times from the car. His run was solid until he made a series of errors over two consecutive laps and dropped about 12 seconds. There are some high speed bumps on the track which some drivers are manoeuvring around rather than passing over. Michal Orlowski has not being doing this and has managed to not suffer until now. Tommy Hall took over the lead from Orlowski with a very fast run with only one or two small mistakes and rolls until the final lap when a more major mistake cost him several seconds. Tommy fastest at that point with one heat to go in round.

2022 BRCA 1/10th Offroad National Championships

Round 4 – Stotfold – 16/17 July 2022

The top heat, heat 10, had several drivers in it which could all displace Tommy Hall of the current top spot. Cragg, Smith, and Martin all running on TQ ish pace. Neil Cragg started first, and he instantly started banging in very consistent, controlled and fast laps. His car looks good, however you could tell he was taking no chances. Neil had two champion’s rolls on the bump at the entry to the burm and in the following laps you could see him developing caution at this point.


Cragg’s run had some further errors but his increase in pace covered those – setting a fastest lap on 22.02 – Smith going 2nd some 3 seconds adrift and Lee Martin in 3rd. Ben Smith’s time was good enough for second in round and puts him at the top of the overall table.


4wd Qualifying Round 2 results

1Neil Cragg14/316.24
2Ben Smith14/319.75
3Lee Martin14/321.56
4Tommy Hall14/322.84
5Phil Sleigh14/323.02
6Ben Pugh13/300.60
7Paul Crompton13/300.95
8Lloyd Storey13/302.58
9Jack Neal13/303.28
10Tyler Liddle13/303.46

Overall Points after 4wd Qualifying Round 2

1Ben Smith5 [3 2 (84) (84)]14/319.75
2Neil Cragg6 [6 0 (84) (84)]14/316.24
3Tommy Hall6 [2 4 (84) (84)]14/317.22
4Michal Orlowski11 [0 11 (84) (84)]14/314.81
5Lee Martin11 [8 3 (84) (84)]14/321.56
6Paul Crompton11 [4 7 (84) (84)]14/322.19
7Lloyd Storey13 [5 8 (84) (84)]14/323.05
8Phil Sleigh14 [9 5 (84) (84)]14/323.02
9Ben Pugh16 [10 6 (84) (84)]13/300.60
10Edward Callan20 [7 13 (84) (84)]13/302.66

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