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BRCA R4 Stotfold – 4wd Qualifying Round 4

The battle for pole position would intensify over 4wd qualifying round 4. Cragg, Orlowski and Martin all have a TQ in round and one more in Round 4 would secure pole position for any of them. But we must keep in mind that Smith, T Hall and Crompton all have the TQ pace also and disrupt the best made plan.

Crompton was the first to have a go in heat 7. At last, we see the potential that Paul has developed a little as he had a good solid run to take the heat with a 14/320.02. Not the fastest time we’ve seen, but it could still be enough if things go wrong for others. He was followed home in heat by Tyler Liddle and Jamie Hall.

2022 BRCA 1/10th Offroad National Championships

Round 4 – Stotfold – 16/17 July 2022

In the second from top heat, heat 8 and ambition Crompton had of pinching a slow TQ was shot blasted away as Michal Orlowski put in a world-class run. He was so fast and so precise. During the run he set some of the fastest time we have seen all day with a 21.79 second lap. He logged a 14/310.42 which would prove to be very hard to beat. Second in heat, Ben Pugh, had a solid run also, but was still 12 seconds adrift from Orlowski.


In heat 9, Lee Martin responded to Orlowski’s pace. He leapt out of the blocks and gapped everyone in the field apart from Ben Smith who was also looking for a TQ run. About halfway in, Martin was showing a predicted time around where Orlowski was, but then a bad bounce followed by a roll lost him time and the lead of the heat. Smith took up the lead before making his first mistake – ending up on his roof in the middle of the straight! – allowing Martin back into the lead positions. A couple of laps later, another mistake dissolved Martin’s ambitions of pole position, and he used the rest of the run as a test for different lines and jump strategies. Smith went on to win the heat with a 14/319.78

This means that Michal Orlowski is your 4wd Pole Position racer….


4wd top 10 overall points

1Michal Orlowski0 [0 (11) (4) 0]14/310.42
2Lee Martin3 [(8) 3 0 (5)]14/313.31
3Neil Cragg3 [(6) 0 3 (16)]14/316.24
4Tommy Hall4 [2 (4) 2 (11)]14/314.69
5Ben Smith4 [(3) 2 (77) 2]14/319.75
6Paul Crompton7 [4 (7) (38) 3]14/320.02
7Ben Pugh10 [(10) 6 (7) 4]14/322.23
8Tyler Liddle12 [(78) (10) 5 7]14/323.39
9Richard Barton12 [(26) (34) 6 6]14/323.55
10Lloyd Storey13 [5 8 (16) (20)]14/323.05

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