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28th – 30th January 2022

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Preview: We’re back, at last!….

After what feels like forever, the Euro Offroad Series (http://www.eurorcseries.com/eos) returns to finish off what has now become the 2020/2021/2022 Season due to the pandemic. EOS9 will definitely go down as the longest season ever with this round in Daun, Germany bringing a sporadic series to a close. This event represents only the 3rd EOS event since the start of 2020.

As usual, the event is over three days with 2wd being completed first before 4wd starts. Stock and Mod Truck classes run in tandem. So keep your eye on the live feed for the finals videos and results – 2wd on Saturday morning and 4wd on Sunday lunchtime.

For this round of the EOS, armchair racers at home should be able to access a much more immersive experience when following the three days of racing. Check out the links below…

::: Official event website – http://www.eurorcseries.com/eos – news and photos :::

::: Live video all weekend – http://www.eurorcseries.com/eos/live
::: Our report – Worts and All – right here! – http://www.racewayone.com :::
::: Snippets of info as it happens, results & info – http://www.facebook.com/RacewayOne :::
::: Instagram Reels and our best pix – @RacewayOne Live (get yer phone out dopey!) :::

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The track….

As I’m not a driver in the event, I was granted a sneak peek at the track before the drivers get full access tomorrow morning.

The track layout is the familiar design which we have become familiar with at this venue on previous occasions. However, there are several corners and jumps with a new firm foam rubber surface which will make things a little difference. My first impression was that the foam surface was high grip as my shoe sole grabbed and snagged across it. On the contrary, those in the know suggest that it is actually a low grip surface and it will slow the cars in those areas – time will tell.

As I write this, most of the drivers have already check in with the organisers and the restaurant and bar are busy. Teams from the UK, Switzerland and others occupy the cosy nooks in the bar and spirits are high with a great atmosphere evident.  The arena opens tomorrow morning at 0645hrs with the first Stock Truck practice round kicking off at 0830hrs.

We will pick this up tomorrow…..

Day 1 – FRIDAY

1100hrs – Controlled Practice for 2wd, 2wd Stock and Stock Truck

The resilience of the EOS “Family” has been proven as competitors from all over Europe and beyond descended onto the single door entrance into the race venue at 7am this morning. A queue developed briefly as each person’s infection status was confirmed – but nobody was waiting more than 30 seconds – testament to how the system can work well with excellent forward planning from the Tonisport team.

As the pit benches filled and the ambient noise level rose there were clearly some high profile drivers missing from their designated tables. Martin Bayer & 4wd World Champ Bruno Coehlo will not be participating along with several of their Xray team mates in this round of the EOS. An incident occurred in a ETS A Main last week which there is an ongoing dispute regarding – the details of which are not common knowledge, so as by-standers we can only hope that it is sorted out without any hard feelings and that Team XRAY return to the series after so many years of featuring at the very top of the time sheets.

Let’s move on to who IS here and who to keep an eye on over the whole weekend:

Lee Martin very nearly didn’t make it here to represent Yokomo after missing a flight yesterday due to an emergency motorway closure – after a total of 14 hours travelling he made it to the hotel late last night.

Xray will be represented very competently by Bartosz Zalewski – this very young driver making big progress over the last few years.

Michal Orlowski and Jorn Neumann head up the Schumacher challenge as usual and are supported by new-boy Riccardo Berton, Wesley van Helmond, Marcel Schneider and Pekko Iivonen.

Elias Johansson is the top Serpent driver here and in timed practice featured well up in the top 10.

Joona Haatenan and Jasper Rasmussen are here representing Team Associated. Paul Crompton also driving Associated.

Elliot Boots and Micha Widmaier head up the Sworkz challenge , closely supported by new boy Clement Boda. There 2wd has featured here before at pervious events, so we expect big things. After 2 rounds of timed practice, Micha is has the fastest time over 2 consequtive laps.

And there are several other drivers who can all stick it in the A main on their given day.

On the hunt for news around the pits we can see that Team Associated has adopted a Yokomo style front shock arrangement on their 2wd. There is also a driver in a scarf, the rest of us are in t-shirts. And we also have to mention a top driver who is sporting two now gold earings… sparkle-sparkle!

Thanks the news for now, back later.

1130hrs – seeding update

Top 5 seeds in each class:

Stock Truck
1. Philip Marzinger
2. Christian Wukonig
3. Chris Geier
4. Swen Braciak
5. Jo Degeest

Stock 2wd
1. Simon Stegmeier
2. Tristam Neal
3. Andy Woods
4. Mick Burbach
5. Tim Kunz

2wd Modified
1. Micha Widmaier
2. Joona Haatanen
3. Elias Johansson
4. Lee Martin
5. Elliot Boots

1400hrs – Round 1 qualifying

2wd, Stock 2wd and Stock Truck Round 1 Qualifying

Euro Offroad Series

28th January 2022 – 1400hrs

Daun, Germany

2wd, 2wd Stock and Stock Truck Qualifying Round 1

Qualifying has at last begun here at Round 4 of the 2020/2021/2022 Euro Offroad Series from Daun, Germany. First up is the Stock truck class, followed by 2wd Stock and rounded off by 2wd Modified.

Based on the Stock Trucks first qualifying heat it looks like we are in for some very exciting races. Chris Geier (below) set the fastest time with a very smooth and controlled drive. His main rival Philip Marzinger was faster at times but was hindered with mistakes. I can see a major battle developing and 3rd place man Christian Wukonig may get involved also.

In 2wd Stock, first blood went to Trish Neal – a fraction ahead of Mick Burbach. Trish has had success in the class many times before, so it will be very good to see him pushed along by Burbach or another challenger. A closer look at Trish’s Schumacher LD2 (below) is available on RacewayOne.com.

All the thrilling action was in the top heat – as expected. Micha Widmaier is the pace setter and led the qualifying heat from the go using his Sworkz chassis. The car looks to have lots of low speed front grip and looks fast though the slippy/grippy/slippy foam section. Michal Orlowski (below right) held second for most of the heat and was running on roughly the same pace as Widmaier. Orlowski’s consistency would reward him when Widmaier made an unforced error on the last lap allowing Orlowski to claim the TQ for round 1.

Top 20 2wd standings after the first round of qualifying.

PosPilotLapsEndtimeBest LapAverage Lap
1Micha WIDMAIER1605:07.718.70219.233
2Michal ORLOWSKI1605:06.218.83419.136
3Lee MARTIN1605:12.319.05519.517
4Jörn NEUMANN1605:14.018.93119.622
5Jesper RASMUSSEN1605:17.119.18219.815
6Paul CROMPTON1605:17.519.03819.841
7Bartosz ZALEWSKI1605:17.519.39119.842
8Clement BODA1605:17.519.19519.842
9Pekko IIVONEN1605:17.818.98919.865
10Joona HAATANEN1605:18.218.85819.885
11Jamiel GABRIELSSON1605:19.119.60519.941
12Elliott BOOTS1605:19.119.11119.941
13Nico SCHMID1505:00.119.52120.005
14Marcel SCHNEIDER1505:01.219.20320.079
15Florian SCHMID1505:01.919.34120.123
16Riccardo BERTON1505:02.119.63520.137
17Noha BEN MOHAMED1505:03.419.45420.223
18Tyler LIDDLE1505:04.819.48520.317
19Wesley van HELMOND1505:05.219.17620.347
20Rik HAEMERS1505:07.019.92620.469

All race times are here – myrcm.ch

Round 1 TQ for Trish Neal – check out this Schumacher LD2….

1530hrs – 2wd, 2wd Stock and Stock Truck Qualifying Round 2

After completing a full round of qualifying the drivers are seemingly getting back into their stride and new challengers are emerging. The track is holding together very well and so far there has not been any mention of a positive virus test result being found – all very good news!

Launching into Round 2 of qualifying it was the Stock Trucks up first. Chris Geier had secured round 1 and but Philip Marzinger had put in faster laps, so the threat was evident. Geier once again put in a solid performance to take TQ in Round 2, this time followed closely by Christian Wukonig and yet again Marzinger was the fastest man on track – just unable to turn fast laps into a fast 5 minute run.

Overall top 10 in Stock Truck

PosNr.PilotLapsEndtimeBest LapAverage Lap
13Chris GEIER145:14.18521.61422.441
21Philipp MÄRZINGER145:32.16520.57423.726
32Christian WUKONIG135:02.59721.50523.276
44Swen BRACIAK135:05.10621.42623.469
55Jo DEGEEST135:05.12221.89223.470
66Philippe HAUTECOEUR135:14.83622.77024.218
79Roland MÜLLER135:16.82522.41424.371
88Ralf SCHNEIDER135:17.49222.49924.422
97Olaf STEIN135:26.78022.67325.136
1010Heiko BINSFELD125:25.66524.85027.138

All race times are here – myrcm.ch

In the 2wd Stock Class, Mick Burbach went the extra bit to ensure that Trish Neal didn’t get a second TQ run. Both had reasonably clear runs and Burbach still managed to gap Trish by some 5 seconds. I don’t for a second think this battle is over  – the stock class is proving to be very tight and exciting to watch.

Overall top 10 in 2wd Stock

In the 2wd modified class, Michal Orlowski and Micha Widmaier took their pace to another level. Both drivers achieving lap times of 18.6 seconds which is substantially faster than the bulk of the drivers in the top heat. The pace was intense and Orlowski only managed to gap Widmaier by a second or two over the whole 5 minute run. Orlowski now makes it two from two….

2wd modified top 10 after 2 rounds

Michal Orlowski current TQ Schumacher LD2

The EOS is a big family and we take time to wish our competitors a happy birthday when we get the chance. Today we took a few minutes to with Kevin Hodkinson (left) and Simon Stegmeier (right) very happy birthdays. Each was presented with a delicious cake by Uwe Rheinard (centre).


Michal Orlowski has two TQ runs under his belt already – here is the car….

1750hrs 2wd, 2wd Stock and Stock Truck Qualifying Round 3

Round 3 of 2wd qualifying from Round 4 of the Euro Offroad Series has been dramatic and unpredictable. In all classes the drivers at the top of their respective table have faltered and pole position in general is by no means guaranteed for anyone.

In the Stock Truck class, Chris Geier was not able to seal the top spot. Philip Marzinger was again the fastest man on track, but again he also could not achieve TQ in rounc. It was swen Braciak who put in a stunning time to deny both of the men hunting for overall TQ. The overall points after 3 rounds now looks like this. There is not a lot in it.

In the 2wd Stock section, Tristam Neal took another TQ to go with his round 1 time. Main competition Mick Burbach was not far behind, so this one is going to be close. Simon Stegmeier & Laurant Jesus also have the pace to disrupm Trish’s plans.

Mick Burbach on his way to round 3 TQ

In the 2wd modified class there was an extremely close run between Michal Orlowski and Micha Widmaier. Orlowski ran fast and clean all the way and was just fractionally outpaced by Widmaier – 0.3s over 5 minutes. The driving capability of these two young men is immense and has to be seen to be believed. Jorn Neumann is not far off though in third – 3 seconds down the road.

So after three rounds of qualifying its Orlowski’s two to Widmaier’s 1. There is one further round of qualifying tonight in which Orlowski could seal it up.

Overall points after round 3.

All race times are here – myrcm.ch

Micha Widmaier’s Sworkz…

1800hrs – 2wd, 2wdStock & Stock Truck Qualifying Round 4

We have been treated to an outstanding display of speed and consistency in Round 4 of 2wd qualifying here in Daun, Germany. Michal Orlowski (Schumacher) and Micha Widmaier (Sworkz) have gone head to head for the forth time in an attempt to settle who will take pole position for tomorrows triple A-mains.

Michal was first off the line and immediately went into rapid fire mode setting pin-point perfect times lap after lap. Micha had a terrible first lap with some double bounces, overshoots and nudging hoses – dropping 1.5 seconds to Michal by lap 3. Based on the form we were seeing from Orlowski that 1.5 seconds looked to be unrecoverable – and were we so wrong!

You can check out the video of the heat here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxIfm16iYGw

Over about 4.5 minutes Micha Widmaier slowly started to make gains into Orlowski’s advantage. Little by little the gap shrunk and shrunk until the Sworkz was only a corner behind the Schumacher.

Micha would take the final round of qualifying by the slimest or margins – 0.12 seconds. This left Orlowski and Widmaier with two TQs each – Widmaier taking it on fastest time. A fantastic end to 2wd qualifying and a hint that we may have some epic finals.

Here is you A- Final listing:

In the Stock Truck Section, Philip Marzinger at last showed his potential and took the round. Chris Geier already has TQ – so now it comes down to the finals. This is going to be an unpredictable one!

And finally in the 2wd Stock class, Mick Burbach showed that he has not only bedded in well, but it also quick taking round 4 ahead of Laurant Jesus and Andy Woods. Tristam Neal had a problem and retired from the heat but remains on Pole Position for the finals.

Now we go the restaurant and bar to prepare ourselves for tomorrows finals!

It’s the gallery (friday only)….. and yes, we’ll tidy it up later this week


0930hrs – 2wd, 2wd Stock & Stock Truck Finals, 4wd, 4wd Stock & Mod Truck Finals

If you’re one of those people who finds it hard to get out of bed early in the morning, the Euro Offroad Series is not for you! Doors opened to the race venue at 0700hrs this morning and there wasn’t exactly a stampede to get in. An hour later the pit area had filled and there were lots or weary bodies doing their best to wake up after a tough day yesterday. Thankfully there is lots of coffee available trackside!

The finals have started and the very first one was the Stock Truck A-main Leg 1. The final was scrappy at times, however Philip Marzinger consolidating his qualifying position to win the race without too many errors. 4th qualifier Christian Wukonig also kept it clean and managed to bump to 2nd.  As Marzinger is substantially faster than the rest of the field, it is his to lose. The intestering race with be the race for 2nd place between Wukonig, Braciak and Geier.

Philip Marzinger on his way to the Stock Truck A-Main Leg 1 win

In the 2wd Stock class, Mick Burbach led from start to finish with skills you normally see in the higher modified class finals. His closest rival, Tristam Neal suffered with an incorrect tyre choice – it reminds me of that famous quote: “It’s always new boots for the final” – Albert Einstein. Hopefully Trish can put in more of a challenge for leg 2.

Mick Burbach on his way to the Leg 1 win

The 2wd Modified A-Main Leg 1 was thrilling to say the least. Micha Widmaier made a conservative start and was immediately under pressure from Michal Orlowski with Lee Martin and Jorn Neumann going with them to make up the 4 car break away group. After a few laps, Widmaier started to gap Orlowski – it was 2 seconds at one point showing how close the race was. The gap hovered between 1.5 and 2 seconds for several laps before Orlowski started to close up on Widmaier again. At the 4 minute mark the new foam surface came into play when Widmaier carried a little too much speed through one of the corners covered in the new surface and he had a half spin, allowing Orlowski through. Widmaier spent the next minute or so closing the gap to Orlowski successfully, but there was never an opportunity for a pass. To demonstrate the pace of Widmaier this weekend, just check out the fastest laps from the final.

Check out the video….

1230hrs – 2wd, 2wd Stock & Stock Truck Finals, 4wd, 4wd Stock & Mod Truck Finals (LEG 2)

By now you should have watched the first Leg of the 2wd A-main on either the EuroRCSeries website or on RacewayOne’s Youtube channel…. So you know what happened. Just to give you a reminder, here is the Leg 1 results:

So there was huge anticipation on Leg 2 – could Widmaier come back and level the points? would Orlowski get through for a second time and take the win? Would another contender get involved and surprise us all?

Well, we were the full 5 minutes of the race awaiting our answer! Widmaier led from the start with Orlowski matching pace but not catching him. This progressed for 4 or 5 laps and the race settled down. The lead two gapped the battle for third between Lee Martin and Jorn Neumann. At the midpoint of the race, Orlowski started to close the gap to the leader. The Sworkz of Widmaier has excellent on-power steering, so he is able to be noticeably faster than Orlowski onto the straight. Widmaier makes enough of an advantage here that it takes Orlowki the full lap to reclaim the time.

Orlowski now sitting on Widmaier’s back bumper was awaiting his opportunity possibly knowing that a pass before getting onto the straight would give a double advantage. He tried for a non-existent gap on the ripples before the chicane on the straight but could not make it stick. After catching back up with Widmaier over the following couple of laps another opportunity presented itself when the Sworkz had a bobble just before the straight. There was a drag race down the straight between the two cars. Orlowski on the inside braked too late for the hairpin at the end and broadsided Widmaier driving him wide, however the sudden drop in corner speed from the collision allowed Widmaier to retain the position till the end. Its going to Leg 3!

I’m intentionally not going to post the overall points after Leg 2, we will post that just before Leg 3.

In the 2wd Stock class Simon Stegmeier took the win with Leg 1 winner Mick Burbach all the way back in 7th. This gives Stegmeier a very good position for the overall win.

And in the Stock Truck class Swen Braciak took the Leg 2 win to add to his 2nd place in Leg 1. Swen also is in an excellent position for the overall win, the rapid Philip Marzinger can snatch it from him.

1300hrs – 2wd, 2wd Stock & Stock Truck Finals, 4wd, 4wd Stock & Mod Truck Finals (LEG 2)

Here is the A-main overall points just before Leg 3 starts.

Lee Martin’s Yokomo YZ-2 CAL 3.1

Its A-main Leg 3 – the decider…..

1530hrs – 2wd, 2wd Stock and Stock Truck Finals Leg 3

The 2wd section of this edition of the Euro Offraod Series from Daun, Germany is now over! We’ve witnessed incredible racing and a nail biting finale.

In the 2wd Modified A main, both Micha Widmaier and Michal Orlowski went into it with one leg win a piece. It was winner takes all! The battle for third place was wide open between Lee Martin, Jorn Neumann, Jesper Rasmussen & Pekko Iivonen – it could have gone any way for any of them.

At the start of the race, Micha was comparatively slow off the line, allowing Orlowski to get on his back bumper straight away. The two drivers were giving it 100% and neither one of them looked any faster than the other. Widmaier was just out of reach for Orlowski to make a move and have it stick.  The leading two drivers gapped the chasing pack as Lee Martin made his Yokomo look 10 feet wide defending the line from Jorn.

Two minutes onto the epic battle for first place, the challenger Michal Orlowski jumped short on the back double, slammed the chassis and tumbled off the track. Even though he was marshalled very quickly the time was too precious to lose. This left Orlowski now having to defend from Lee Martin and Jorn Neumann as Widmaier could relax and open the taps. The damage: 4 seconds!

Orlowski managed to pull away from Martin & Neumann’s battle for third, diminishing the deficit to 3.5 seconds. But Widmaier was becoming relaxed and the pace was improving. He was able to draw the gap back out the 3.7 seconds before the end of the race.

2wd Modified Overall Results:
1st Micha Widmaier – Sworkz
2nd Michal Orlowski – Schumacher
3rd Lee Martin – Yokomo

Here is the video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1kqfSuBbfc

Overall results:

Jesper Rasmussen’s Associated B6.3

In the 2wd Stock class, Mick Burbach and Tristam Neal had a win each, so it was all to play for. Simon Stegmeir took the advantage when Burbach had a sensor wire detach and Trish had a mistake. The win for Stegmeier combined with a second place from Leg 1 was enough to take the overall win.

2wd Stock Overall result:
1st Simon Stegmeier
2nd Laurant Jesus
3rd Tristam Neal

And in the Stock Truck Class, the main challenger, Sven Braciak, was denied the victory after a hugely dominant performance from Philip Marzinger. The Austrian set fastest lap after fastest lap and his Schumacher Storm appeared to be on rails. A well deserved win.

Stock Truck Overall results:
1st Philip Marzinger
2nd Sven Braciak
3rd Chris Geier


1500hrs – 4wd, 4wd Stock and Modified Truck Practice

The Euro Offroad Series built us up all morning, gave us a dozen exciting finals and then once they are done with its back to basics with 4wd stock! The come down rivals any base jump or skydive.

In the 4wd Stock 10.5 class, Simon Stegmeier built on his 2wd Stock win by being fastest again with the 4wd car. Niklas Mahrle and Tim Kunz round out the top three.

In Modified Truck, Jorn Neumann has set the pace with 2wd winner Micha Widmaier just behind. Jamiel Gabrielsson from Finland just behind in 3rd.

And finally in the 4wd Mod class it was Schumacher Michal Orlowski fastest with team mate Jorn Neumann very close behind – the Schumachers looking really good at this track. Joona Haatanen went 3rd – we hope he has better luck in 4wd compared to his C Final win in 2wd.

1830hrs – 4wd, 4wd Stock and Modified Truck Qualifying Round 1

It was superb to see all of the EOS racers hit the ground running in the 4wd section of the meeting. All the teething problems which were caused by a year or two out were now dealt with and things are going well for nearly everyone.

In the Modified Truck class, Micha Widmaier picked up where he left off in 2wd with a TQ run. Wesley van Helmond going second with other Schumacher driver Jamiel Gabrielsson in third.

Micha Widmaier setting Q1 pace in Modified Truck

In the 4wd Stock class, Simon Stegmaier looks like he’ll be making a play for the top of the points table tomorrow afternoon. A fast, consistent run from him with Andy Woods second and Tim Kunz in third.

Simon Stegmeier in action

And in the feature class – 4wd mod – Michal Orlowski lead a Schumacher 1 – 2 ahead on team mate Jorn Neumann. And young Bartosz Zalewski came in third – a fantastic drive from a future star for sure. Joona Haatanen has serious pace, but the car looks like a handful.

Orlowski looks fast, and I mean really fast!

Bartosz Zalewski’s Xray XB4

2000hrs – 4wd, 4wd Stock and Modified Truck Qualifying Round 2

4wd Stock is proving to be a very competitive class here at Round 4 of the 2020/2021/2022 Season of the Euro Offroad Series. The drivers are working hard to have clean runs which is a hard thing to do. The 10.5 class specific motor may not have the top end power of the modified class motors, but the Stock class competitors are getting the most out of them. Smooth consistency is evident from many of the drivers in the top heat – a key ingredient when looking for the overall win. In qualifying round 2 it was Niklas Marhle and Simon Stegmeier who led the heat. Niklas just getting the faster time by only 0.03 seconds. Stegmeier in second place in the round takes the overall points lead with no rounds dropped yet.

Niklas Marhle is driving consistently and is definitely a contender for the A mains.

In the Modified Truck Class the racing was ferocious! The Trucks have a much bigger track presence than the buggies yet they carry the same speed – so they are a formidable thing to observe. Jorn Neumann took TQ in round 2 just ahead of Jamiel Gabrielsson. Jorn style makes the truck even more menacing than the others.

Jorn getting the most out of those back tyres

In the 4wd modified class, Poland’s Michal Orlowski made it two from two. The Schumacher driver in a class of his own as many drivers in the heat made mistakes and had problems. 2nd place in round was very cloase between Zalewski, Martin and Neumann with Zalewski coming out just on top. This kid is quick, keep your eye on him.

Bartosz Zalewski went second in round.

Day 3 – Sunday 4wd

0700hrs – 4wd, 4wd Stock and 4wd Modified Truck Qualifying Round 3

Good morning everybody! Whilst you eating your corn flakes this morning some of Europe’s best will be doing battle at the EOS. We’ll have all the news as the day progresses…..

0900hrs – 4wd, 4wd Stock and Modified Truck Qualifying Round 3

Due to a timing issue half of round 3 was run last night with the remainder first thing this morning.  In 4wd Stock the top heat was full of incident. Tim Kunz came out with TQ, just – 0.015 seconds ahead of Simon Stegmeier.  That tiny time difference was the difference between being able to relax and having to fight again when you look at the point table. Niklas Marhle took 3rd. Simon Stegmeier retains the points lead.

Simon Stegmeier keeps the overall points lead after 3 rounds of qualifying

In the Modified Truck category is 3 rounds done and 3 different round winners. Micha Widmaier, Jorn Neumann and now Jamiel Gabrielsson have all scored maximum points once. Round 4 will be the decider to see who takes pole position.

Modified Truck class is fast and competitive

And in the 4wd Mod category, nobody appears to have an answer for Michal Orlowski’s dominance. Its 3 from 3 now. Bartosz Zalewski could only manage 5th in the top heat by retains his second overall in the points table. Joona Haatanen is having a nightmare this weekend – he was running 2nd in the top heat when he lost a rear wheel leading him into retirement. This promoted Micha Widmaier to second in round. Jorn Neumann sandwiching the Sworkz in a Schumacher sandwich in 3rd.

Overall points table after round 3 of 4wd qualifying.

1Michal ORLOWSKI3103:1551:155 [2:1554:]PL
2Bartosz ZALEWSKI3052:1531:152 [3:1464:]PL
3Jörn NEUMANN3041:1532:151 [3:1514:]DE
4Pekko IIVONEN3043:1531:151 [2:1494:]FI
5Micha WIDMAIER3023:1522:150 [1:1424:]DE
6Lee MARTIN3012:1521:149 [3:1024:]GB
7Jamiel GABRIELSSON2983:1502:148 [1:1484:]FI
8Elias JOHANSSON2942:1471:147 [3:1414:]SE
9Joona HAATANEN2931:1503:143 [2:944:]FI
10Paul CROMPTON2933:1491:144 [2:1444:]GB

Aw! doesn’t that look better! Thats sums us up here at RacewayOne, always looks for better….. 😉

Untouchable so far….. Michal Orlowski

1030hrs – 4wd, 4wd Stock and Modified Truck Qualifying Round 4

We’re into the final round of 4wd qualifying here in Daun, Germany. The pace has been hot first thing this morning as drivers try to make amends for poor delivery of potential yesterday. There is a peacefulness in the pit area as brains are engaged to search for that elusive setup advantage.

We had no idea first thing final round of qualifying would be so thrilling. In the 4wd Stock class Simon Stegmeier again stretched his legs setting a new fastest time in the class. Tin Kunz finished second in round to secure 2nd overall ahead of Niklas Marhle and Chris Geier finished third in the table to push Mick Burbach down to fifth.

4wd Stock overall qualifying points.

1Simon STEGMEIER3104:1551:155 [3:1532:153]DE
2Tim KUNZ3083:1554:153 [2:1521:152]DE
3Niklas MÄHRLE3062:1554:151 [1:1513:149]DE
4Chris GEIER3024:1521:150 [2:1493:148]DE
5Mick BURBACH3013:1512:150 [1:1404:0]DE
6Aaron WAITZ3003:1522:148 [1:1424:0]DE
7Tristram NEAL3002:1514:149 [1:1473:146]GB
8Dean BURBACH3003:1504:150 [2:1471:146]DE
9Andy WOODS2981:1533:145 [4:1242:122]GB
10Olivier DE MONTFUMAT2971:1494:148 [3:1472:141]FR

The Modified Truck class, it was all to play for as nobody had definitively secured pole position yet. Jorn Neumann produced a typical World class display with his Schumacher Storm to take the op spot. Jorn really get ten-tenths from the car and it was up on two wheels on several occasions during the run. Jamiel Garbrielsson finished second in round which was not enough to displace Micha Widmaier from second on the grid. Widmaier was an early retirement on lap 12.

Jorn puts on World class displays of driving

4wd Stock overall qualifying points.

1Jörn NEUMANN3104:1552:155 [3:1521:149]DE
2Micha WIDMAIER3081:1553:153 [2:1524:139]DE
3Jamiel GABRIELSSON3083:1552:153 [4:1531:152]FI
4Wesley van HELMOND3041:1533:151 [4:1382:138]NL
5Nico SCHMID3024:1523:150 [1:1472:145]CH
6Philipp MÄRZINGER3011:1514:150 [3:1482:143]AT
7Jens BECKER3002:1514:149 [3:1461:142]DE
8Christian WUKONIG2994:1511:148 [2:1473:145]AT
9Florian SCHMID2992:1503:149 [4:1481:145]CH
10Till FRIEDRICH2981:1502:148 [3:1474:147]DE

In the 4wd Modified class, there was another master class on display – this time from Joona Haatanen. But before we get to that, all eyes were on the second from top heat where Pekko Iivonen from Finland set a new fastest time to go provisionally fastest. The time of 17/509.79 was right at the sharp end and would take something special to beat. Joona, after having heart-breaking bad luck all weekend, got off to an extremely quick start but could not match the pace of Michal Orlowski who is on a level of his own this weekend. But from the outset it looked like beating Pekko’s time was on the cards. 13 laps in and Michal damaged his car forcing retirement. Haatanen was then able to put in some very quick laps to go fastest in round and beat Pekko’s time – 17/506.65. And the sensation of the weekend – Bartosz Zalewski coming home in third overall – 17/509.58 – also just ahead of Pekko.

Joona on his way to deny Orlowski the clean sweep

Overall 4wd Modified qualitying points

1Michal ORLOWSKI3103:1551:155 [2:1554:96]PL
2Bartosz ZALEWSKI3064:1532:153 [1:1523:146]PL
3Joona HAATANEN3054:1551:150 [3:1432:94]FI
4Pekko IIVONEN3053:1534:152 [1:1512:149]FI
5Jörn NEUMANN3041:1532:151 [3:1514:145]DE
6Micha WIDMAIER3023:1522:150 [4:1471:142]DE
7Lee MARTIN3012:1521:149 [4:1463:102]GB
8Paul CROMPTON2994:1503:149 [1:1442:144]GB
9Jamiel GABRIELSSON2983:1502:148 [1:1484:144]FI
10Noha BEN MOHAMED2974:1511:146 [3:1362:95]FR

1145hrs –  4wd, 4wd Stock and Modified Truck Qualifying Finals Leg 1

There is a small part of my brain that always thinks that the finals are going to be clean and straight forward and we already know whos going to win before they’ve started – and I’m always WRONG! One thing that is always predictable is that the Euro Offroad Series will give us World Class finals from the best in the business.

In the 4wd Stock A-Main Leg 1 pole position man Simon Stegmeier led away from the start initially gapping the rest of the field. Three quarters of the way through the first lap he turned in too hard on the a foam surface corner and half spun into the track markings. The car as stuck and was isolated from the marshall as the rest of the field passes though. Tim Kunz inherited the lead and initially made good ground to put himself more than the length of the straight ahead of the rest of the field. Niklas Marhle in third, was slowly reeling in Kunz, but not enough to put him under any sort of pressure. Kunz took the win, Marhle second, Dean Burbach in third.

4wd Stock A-Main Leg 1 results:

12Tim KUNZ165:16.34519.11619.738
23Niklas MÄHRLE165:21.09518.81619.863
38Dean BURBACH155:02.44419.31420.098
44Chris GEIER155:04.67619.29920.172
57Tristram NEAL155:06.66618.96520.235
69Andy WOODS155:06.78419.37020.326
710Olivier DE MONTFUMAT155:09.21519.51720.525
81Simon STEGMEIER155:09.28219.12720.383
96Aaron WAITZ155:10.22219.50120.574
105Mick BURBACH62:09.20719.62720.826

Tim Kunz on his way to 4wd Stock A-Main Leg 1 victory

In the Modified Truck Class – there was drama at the start from the back of the field which allowed Jorn Neumann to make a quick escape. He put an a fantastic display for the full 5 minutes taking the win easily. Once the dust had settle behind Jorn, Nico Schmid from 5th on the grid made it past Micha Widmaier to take 2nd.

Jorn Neumann on Pole Position

Modified Truck Leg 1 results:

PosNr.Pilot NrPilotILapsEndtimeBesttimeMediumtime
11Jörn NEUMANN165:13.22519.11619.566
25Nico SCHMID155:03.65919.64820.190
32Micha WIDMAIER155:08.58819.30120.590
43Jamiel GABRIELSSON155:10.70319.42720.710
56Philipp MÄRZINGER155:11.61419.60220.519
69Florian SCHMID145:01.67419.97621.370
710Till FRIEDRICH145:05.01720.64621.505
87Jens BECKER145:05.43120.46121.463
98Christian WUKONIG145:19.10920.31222.431
104Wesley van HELMOND10:23.3220.0000.000

Now for the main event – the 4wd Modified A-Main Leg #1

Well, what can we say? The master class from Michal Orlowski continues. Orlowski and Zalewski led a six car break away pack as there was an end of field pile-up early on during lap one. Zalewski was extremely fast but it looked like the car was being pushed to 110% – this is not sustainable. In contrast, Orlowski looked smooth and in control.

Orlowski was just starting to gap the rest of the field when he tagged a track marker and got the car up on two wheels. He saved it, but the advantage he built over the first two laps was gone and the top 5 cars were now bunched together again.

Orlowski immediately started to build the gap again as Zalewski was more focused on defending his position from Joona. The 13 year old taking noticeably wider lines through the hairpins to stop an attempt from Haatanen around the outside. At the two and a half minute mark, Bartosz tagged a track marking and went over. The scramble between Joona, Neumann and Iivonen to claim the position was scrappy to say the least – Joona coming out on top.

With Orlowski now check-ed out all eyes were focused on the battle for 2nd spot. The rest of the race was relatively uneventful with the top 5 well spaced out.

PosNr.Pilot NrPilotILapsEndtimeBesttimeMediumtime
11Michal ORLOWSKI175:04.65417.58217.919
23Joona HAATANEN175:09.73617.66018.207
35Jörn NEUMANN175:10.40317.56018.222
44Pekko IIVONEN175:13.05517.66118.397
56Micha WIDMAIER165:01.69817.78518.599
68Paul CROMPTON165:02.06218.00718.798
72Bartosz ZALEWSKI165:02.30517.74918.931
87Lee MARTIN165:05.87517.86818.833
99Jamiel GABRIELSSON165:06.06217.59118.844
1010Noha BEN MOHAMED103:08.06318.18118.621

Action from Leg 1 of the 4wd A-Main….

1400 hrs –  4wd, 4wd Stock and Modified Truck Qualifying Finals Leg 2

In the 4wd Stock class, Simon Stegmeier corrected the wrongs of Leg 1 to take the win. He had a clean run race finishing six seconds ahead of Leg 1 winner Tim Kunz with Chris Geier in 3rd. So likely going into Leg 3 it is between Stegmeier and Kunz for the win.

Simon Stegmeier kept it clean in Leg 2

RankNr.FinalPilotPoints TotalPoints per RunTrack ConditionCountry
1ATim KUNZ31:12:2 [3:]DryDE
2AChris GEIER72:31:4 [3:]DryDE
3ASimon STEGMEIER92:11:8 [3:]DryDE
4ANiklas MÄHRLE91:22:7 [3:]DryDE
5ATristram NEAL92:41:5 [3:]DryGB
6AAndy WOODS112:51:6 [3:]DryGB
7ADean BURBACH131:32:10 [3:]DryDE
8AOlivier DE MONTFUMAT132:61:7 [3:]DryFR
9AAaron WAITZ172:81:9 [3:]DryDE
10AMick BURBACH192:91:10 [3:]DryDE

In the Modified Truck class, Jamiel Gabrielsson managed to pinch the lead from Jorn Neumann and three minute game of cat & mouse ensued. Jorn would catch up to Jamiel and then have a bobble and drop back, catch up again and have another bobble and drop back. There was only one or two opportunities for this as Gabrielsson was so fast. Gabrielsson put in a calm and cool drive to secure the win, Jorn in a frantic second place. Micha Widmaier in a distant third.

Gabrielsson leading with Jorn on the hunt

1AJörn NEUMANN31:12:2 [3:]DE
2AJamiel GABRIELSSON52:11:4 [3:]FI
3ANico SCHMID61:22:4 [3:]CH
4AMicha WIDMAIER62:31:3 [3:]DE
5APhilipp MÄRZINGER121:52:7 [3:]AT
6AJens BECKER132:51:8 [3:]DE
7AFlorian SCHMID151:62:9 [3:]CH
8ATill FRIEDRICH151:72:8 [3:]DE
9AWesley van HELMOND162:61:10 [3:]NL
10AChristian WUKONIG191:92:10 [3:]AT

In the 4wd Modified class, Leg 2 of the final was scrappy. Mistakes by all of the lead group made for an unsettles first half to the race – unforced errors from Orlowski, Zalewski and Haatanen all contributing.

The race started clean with no incidents all. You could feel the relief in the atmosphere as all drivers got the first lap under their belt.  On lap two, Orlowski put a wheel up on the track marking after the back double jump, causing him to run wide out of the next corner. This was Bartosz Zalewski’s opportunity to go up Orlowski’s inside and her didn’t waste the chance. But in an odd move, Bartosz’s lead was brief to say the least – on the very next corner he went tide and slow letting Orlowski back though into the lead.

The field now bunched up behind Orlowski, you could sense the chance of disaster. Unfortunately on the back double, Zalewski jumped short, chassis slapped and cart wheeled off the circuit allowing Haatanen through. So at the midpoint of the race the order was Orlowski, Haatanen, Zalewski, Iivonen & Neumann.

Going into the first double, Haatanen made contact with the back of Orlowskis car, killing all of his speed. This meant that Orlowski could not take the double and had to single-single. In an attempt to take the lead, Joona goes for the clear double, but jumps off the track into the adjacent barrier. All this action puts Zalewski back into the lead for the second time.

Who is going to win this race!!!

A few corners after retaking the lead, Zalewski again jumps short on the back double and cart wheels off into the marshalls grip. Orlowski is restored to the front of the field, Pekko Iivonen in second, then Neumann, Haatanen and Zalewski.

Orlowski and Iivonen then engaged in a close battle to the end – gapping the field which had backed up behind the Haatanen & Neumann battle for third. Haatanen would take the position after Neumann had an unluck spin on the last lap dropping several places.

So Orlowski takes Leg 2 of the 4wd Modified section and the overall win.

RankNr.FinalPilotPoints TotalPoints per RunCountry
1AMichal ORLOWSKI21:12:1 [3:]PL
2AJoona HAATANEN51:22:3 [3:]FI
3APekko IIVONEN62:21:4 [3:]FI
4AJörn NEUMANN91:32:6 [3:]DE
5AMicha WIDMAIER102:51:5 [3:]DE
6ALee MARTIN122:41:8 [3:]GB
7APaul CROMPTON141:62:8 [3:]GB
8AJamiel GABRIELSSON162:71:9 [3:]FI
9ABartosz ZALEWSKI161:72:9 [3:]PL
10ANoha BEN MOHAMED201:102:10 [3:]FR

1500 hrs – 4wd, 4wd Stock and Modified Truck Qualifying Finals Leg 3

It has been a very exciting but long three days racing here at Round 4 of the 2020/2021/2022 Euro Offroad Series from Daun, Germany.  It has been fantastic to see the “family” again and to meet several new racers doing their first EOS meeting. The bad news for the final report is that the main event – 4wd Modified – has been settled after just two Legs of the A Main. The overall win goes to Schumacher’s Michal Orlowski. There are lots of other finals however which are not settled.

The 4wd Stock class produced it third difference winner in Leg 3. Niklas Marhle made his move early and made it stick for the whole race. Lovely tidy execution meant he was able to get ahead and stay ahead for the Leg 3 win to add to his second place from Leg 2.  Chris Geier was second and Leg 1 winner Tim Kunz was third.  Niklas’s combined score and faster time enough to pinch the win.

Action from the 4wd Stock A-Main

RankNr.FinalPilotPoints TotalPoints per RunCountry
1ANiklas MÄHRLE33:11:2 [2:7]DE
2ATim KUNZ31:12:2 [3:3]DE
3AChris GEIER53:22:3 [1:4]DE
4ASimon STEGMEIER72:13:6 [1:8]DE
5ATristram NEAL92:41:5 [3:7]GB
6ADean BURBACH111:33:8 [2:10]DE
7AAndy WOODS112:51:6 [3:10]GB
8AMick BURBACH133:42:9 [1:10]DE
9AAaron WAITZ133:52:8 [1:9]DE
10AOlivier DE MONTFUMAT132:61:7 [3:9]FR

In the Modified truck class Jorn Nuemann initially lead and was starting to break away when an unforced error cost him over 3 seconds. This allowed Leg 2 winner Jamiel Gabrielsson into the lead and once again we saw 3 minutes of a cat & mouse game where Jorn would catch up and drop back and catch up and drop back. Jamiel drove excellently to make it very difficult for Jorn – securing the Leg win and the overall victory.  Jorn unable to repeat his Leg 1 performance will have to settle for second. Micha Widmaier was third in the Leg, but could only manage fourth overall behind Nico Schmid.

Jamiel Gabriellsson keeping Jorn Neumann at bay

RankNr.FinalPilotPoints TotalPoints per RunCountry
1AJamiel GABRIELSSON22:13:1 [1:4]FI
2AJörn NEUMANN31:12:2 [3:2]DE
3ANico SCHMID51:23:3 [2:4]CH
4AMicha WIDMAIER62:31:3 [3:8]DE
5AFlorian SCHMID103:41:6 [2:9]CH
6APhilipp MÄRZINGER121:52:7 [3:7]AT
7ATill FRIEDRICH123:51:7 [2:8]DE
8AJens BECKER132:51:8 [3:9]DE
9AChristian WUKONIG153:61:9 [2:10]AT
10AWesley van HELMOND162:63:10 [1:10]NL

With the 4wd Modified meeting already settled, it was time to see who could snatch the second place honours. Orlowski would sit out the final leg leaving Bartosz Zalewski on effective pole position. The race got off to a very fast start with Joona applying pressure straight away. Bartosz’s car looked fully dialled for the last A-main, much better than it looked in Leg 2. He didn’t put a foot wrong for over four minutes with extreme pressure coming from Haatanen. When the one minute to go announcement came you could see a drop in Bartosz’s pace as pressure grew. For a whole lap he was slightly loose, but he still managed to keep Haatanen behind him. He recomposed himself and went on to set some extremenly fast laps before winning Leg 3.

A fantastic result for the 13 year old – definitely a star of the future.

Bartosz Zalewski making it look easy in  4wd A Main Leg 3

Even though Joona Haatenan didn’t win the final leg, he had done enough to secure second place which is a great recovery from his horrible day on Friday in 2wd. The young Finn looked super fast and we look forward to seeing him back again.

Overall 4wd Modified results.

RankNr.FinalPilotPoints TotalPoints per RunTrack ConditionCountry
1AMichal ORLOWSKI21:12:1 [3:10]DryPL
2AJoona HAATANEN43:21:2 [2:3]DryFI
3APekko IIVONEN52:23:3 [1:4]DryFI
4ABartosz ZALEWSKI83:11:7 [2:9]DryPL
5AJörn NEUMANN81:33:5 [2:6]DryDE
6ALee MARTIN83:42:4 [1:8]DryGB
7AMicha WIDMAIER102:51:5 [3:9]DryDE
8APaul CROMPTON123:61:6 [2:8]DryGB
9AJamiel GABRIELSSON142:73:7 [1:9]DryFI
10ANoha BEN MOHAMED183:81:10 [2:10]DryFR

4wd A-main Leg 3