July 12, 2024


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BRCA R3 Boughton – 2wd Qualifying Round 3

The sun has been out now for over an hour consistently. The strong southerly breeze is deceiving many of the racers and the track surface temperature is much higher than you would think. There are many opinions floating about times don’t lie and it appears for most the track is slower.

Straight into it….

Michal Orlowski’s car didn’t look as good in 2wd round 3 of qualifying as it did earlier in the day. To support this, his lap times have slowed slightly and even with a mistake costing him about 4 seconds, he still only managed a 11/312.44 – only going fifth in round. In heat 10, Luke Holsdworth was fastest, but the track is definitely slowing up and times are expanding – 11/313.91

2022 BRCA 1/10th Offroad National Championships

Round 3 – Boughton – 11/12 June 2022

Now we waited for heat 11 to see if the slowing trend would continue…. but it didn’t! Tommy Hall put in a stellar run with only a couple of small bobbles to drag the overall times at the sharp end back down to where we would expect them to be. He through absolutely everything at the run – resulting in 11/304.06 and taking provisional TQ for the round with one heat to go.

In Heat 12, we got a masterclass from Neil Cragg on how to do it in less than ideal condition. Neil Cragg put in a smooth and controlled drive and was initially forecasting for a 12 lap run. A mistake at the race midpoint caused him a second or two only – and he immediately responded by putting in the fastest lap of the day so far – 26.84! He receovered well to TQ the round by 3 seconds – 11/301.41

2wd qualifting Round 3 top 10

1Neil Cragg11/301.41
2Tommy Hall11/304.06
3Ben Smith11/310.28
4Lee Martin11/312.25
5Michal Orlowski11/312.44
6Paul Crompton11/313.24
7Josh Holdsworth11/313.67
8Richard Barton11/313.73
9Luke Holdsworth11/313.91
10James Helliwell11/318.33

Overall 2wd qualifying points table after 3 rounds

1Neil Cragg0 [0 (2) 0 (117)]11/301.41
2Michal Orlowski3 [3 0 (5) (117)]11/303.61
3Tommy Hall5 [(6) 3 2 (117)]11/304.06
4Josh Holdsworth7 [2 5 (7) (117)]11/304.52
5Ben Smith8 [5 (6) 3 (117)]11/310.28
6Lee Martin8 [4 (8) 4 (117)]11/307.75
7Jamie Hall14 [10 4 (13) (117)]11/309.20
8Paul Crompton17 [(12) 11 6 (117)]11/313.24
9Luke Holdsworth17 [8 (10) 9 (117)]11/310.08c
10Phil Sleigh18 [(21) 7 11 (117)]11/312.92

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