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BRCA R3 Boughton – 2wd Qualifying Round 4

So, if you’ve been following, it’s advantage Neil Cragg going into round 4 of 2wd qualifying. Neil has two TQ runs and one of them is the fastest time of the day – set when most people went slower, not faster. Michal Orlowski has the other TQ and he remains Cragg’s only challenger for Pole Position. Tommy Hall, Josh Holdsworth and Ben Smith could all displace Orlowski from 2nd on the grid with a TQ run. So there is a lot to consider and nothing is set is stone as yet.

A challenge in changeable conditions

Heat 9 began well for Michal Orlowski and he was somehow able to put in some stangering laps as the car moved around and squirmed under power. Unfortunatly it was not to be for the young Pole, as two mistakes, one requiring marshalling was enough to yield him an uncompetitive time – 11/311.32. He is now in the danger zone for potentially slipping to third or fourth should Tommy Hall, Luke Holdsworth or Ben Smith pull it out of the bag. First up was Holdsworth in Heat 10 and he couldn’t make it happen in what were becoming trickier conditions – Phil Sleigh taking the heat on a 11/319.23

2022 BRCA 1/10th Offroad National Championships

Round 3 – Boughton – 11/12 June 2022

Top heats

Tommy Hall got off to a good start in Heat 11 to attempt his challenge. A good fast run until he tagged a front wheel on a hose and was spun around racing the wrong direction – only a second or two lost, but it was enough damage to only yeild him a 11/307.3. This was enough to displace Orlowski and take provisional pole. All eyes on Cragg in Heat 12.

Once again Neil Cragg put in a text book run in deteriorating conditions. His retraint and level on control led to a near perfect run with the car only fish-tailing slightly a couple of timewith no time loss. Neil managed to take TQ in round, relegating Tommy Hall to second with Orlowski in third – his 2nd place grid position no secure for the A Finals.

Overall qualifying points after 2wd qualifting;

1Neil Cragg0 [0 (2) 0 (0)]11/301.41
2Michal Orlowski3 [3 0 (5) (3)]11/303.61
3Tommy Hall4 [(6) (3) 2 2]11/304.06
4Josh Holdsworth7 [2 5 (7) (22)]11/304.52
5Ben Smith8 [5 (6) 3 (114)]11/310.28
6Lee Martin8 [4 (8) (4) 4]11/307.75
7Jamie Hall9 [(10) 4 (13) 5]11/309.20
8Joseph Howson13 [7 (20) (22) 6]11/317.56
9Phil Sleigh15 [(21) 7 (11) 8]11/312.92
10Richard Barton15 [(15) (45) 8 7]11/317.71

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