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BRCA R1 – Kidderminster – 2wd A Finals

If you expect unpredictability and excitement the 2wd finals will not disappoint.

2wd A Final Leg 1

At the start of the race, Neil Cragg made an initial break as Michal Orlowski made his way past Tommy Hall. Neil appreared to expand the gap over the first three or four laps before Orlowski started to reel him back in. Coming off the tarmac hairpin on the left side of the track, Neil had fought the car alot to keep it under control under power. On lap 6, his luck ran out as the car oversteered on a fast section, hitting a concrete apex and launching into a viscous barrel roll. The crash required marshalling which was supplied quickly, but not quickly enough to prevent Orlowski from picking up the lead – Cragg recovering to second.

Cragg was able to put in consistent laps about 0.5 seconds faster than Orlowski, but the gap was too large and there wasn’t enough time. Orlowski, Cragg, Tommy Hall.

2022 BRCA 1/10th Offroad National Championships

Round 1 – Kidderminster – 16/17 April 2022

2wd A Final Leg 1 Results

13Michal Orlowski14/317.2322.04[5]22.66
21Neil Cragg14/318.45+1.222.12[5]22.75
32Tommy Hall14/321.80+4.621.87[14]22.99
44Ben Pugh13/300.88+6.622.49[6]23.14
55Danny Mcgee13/302.10+7.922.38[11]23.24
68Ben Smith13/302.32+8.122.18[9]23.26
710Luke Holdsworth13/303.01+8.822.38[11]23.31
86Josh Holdsworth13/303.18+8.922.20[7]23.32
99Jamie Hall13/303.84+9.622.34[9]23.37
107Paul Crompton13/304.28+10.022.59[3]23.41

2wd A Final Leg 2

Leg 2 started off clean. The first four cars of Cragg, Hall, Orlowski and Pugh circulated without any major incident for several laps. At the race midpoint, Pugh dropped back to the chasing pack as the leading three became isolated. Several bobbles and oversteer moment from Neil bunched the leading three cars dangerously close. Neil started to break away, but Hall did not have a response, now under extreme pressure from Orlowski who was looking left and right for a way through. At the 4 minute mark, Orlowski got the break he was looking for when Hall clipped a track marker and barrel rolled off the line, landing on his wheels but losing the position. Neil was far enough ahead at the final buzzer to be unthreatened by the chasing two, however in a desperate move to pass Orlowski, Hall carried too much speed into a cobbled hairpin and became entangled in Orlowski’s wing requiring the marshall. Hall’s challenge was over – result Cragg, Orlowski, Hall. Cragg and Orlowski now with a win a piece.

2wd A Final Leg 2 results….

11Neil Cragg14/ 312.0522.2921.79 (10)12
23Michal Orlowski14/ 316.1622.5821.86 (8)161808
32Tommy Hall14/ 316.6422.6221.66 (13)16446
44Ben Pugh14/ 318.8022.7722.29 (11)17190
57Paul Crompton14/ 320.0922.8622.05 (12)151307
66Josh Holdsworth14/ 320.4722.8922.12 (6)21528
78Ben Smith13/ 301.5023.1922.34 (7)151466
89Jamie Hall13/ 301.8823.2222.24 (8)5791
95Danny Mcgee13/ 304.9923.4622.28 (12)2217
1010Luke Holdsworth13/ 314.8624.2222.21 (13)6320

2wd A Final Leg 3

Unfortunately, Leg 3 did not carry the suspense of Leg 1 & 2. All the cars got away in order and proceeded to circulate well. Neil Cragg started to break away, but it was noticeable that rather than Neil’s speed causing the break, it was instead the reduced speed of Tommy Hall in second who was doing his best to keep Orlowski behind him. Orlowski made several attempts to pass Hall, but ultimately was not close enough to make it stick. It would later emerge that Hall had a drive pin dislocate causing the reduction in speed. Niel checked out and won the final, Orlowski passed Hall in a spring to the line to claim 2nd with Hall rounding out the top three.

2wd A Final Leg 3 results

11Neil Cragg14/ 311.2322.2321.94 (6)12
23Michal Orlowski14/ 313.4022.3921.56 (10)161808
32Tommy Hall14/ 314.4622.4621.81 (9)16446
44Ben Pugh14/ 320.2122.8722.08 (9)17190
58Ben Smith14/ 321.9723.0022.21 (11)151466
66Josh Holdsworth14/ 322.1623.0122.03 (12)21528
79Jamie Hall13/ 300.2223.0922.33 (12)5791
87Paul Crompton13/ 300.4123.1122.04 (7)151307
95Danny Mcgee13/ 302.0623.2422.14 (13)2217
1010Luke Holdsworth13/ 304.0623.3922.25 (12)6320

2wd A Final Final Positions

11Neil Cragg2 ( 2 1 1 – 14/ 311.23 )
23Michal Orlowski3 ( 1 2 2 – 14/ 317.23 )
32Tommy Hall6 ( 3 3 3 – 14/ 314.46 )
44Ben Pugh8 ( 4 4 4 – 14/ 318.80 )
58Ben Smith11 ( 6 7 5 – 14/ 321.97 )
66Josh Holdsworth12 ( 8 6 6 – 14/ 320.47 )
77Paul Crompton13 ( 10 5 8 – 14/ 320.09 )
85Danny Mcgee14 ( 5 9 9 – 13/ 302.10 )
99Jamie Hall15 ( 9 8 7 – 13/ 300.22 )
1010Luke Holdsworth17 ( 7 10 10 – 13/ 303.01 )

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