July 16, 2024


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BRCA R1 – Kidderminster – 2wd Qualifying Round 4

We’ve been treated to an epic showdown here at Round 4 of 2wd qualifying from Kidderminster. The battle was taken all the way to final laps of the final heat with most of the top drivers having errors and problems.

Standout Performances

There are some drivers who are just shy of the front runners pace who deserve a mention or a further mention and also should be marked for promising things to come. Ben Pugh (3rd in Q3), Josh Holdsworth (3rd in Q4), Paul Crompton (3rd in Q1), Ben Smith (5th in Q3) and Jamie Hall with lucky 7 7 7 – are all improving in a space where improvement is very difficult.

2022 BRCA 1/10th Offroad National Championships

Round 1 – Kidderminster – 16/17 April 2022

A New Challenger

We may have given the opinion that all the TQ runs were a two horse race – and if we did, we we’re very wrong. The impressive increase in pace over the day from Michal Orlowski has been very evident. I spoke to his race engineer, Tristam Neal, about the changes made to the car over the day. I was very surprised that apart from a battery move and an esc power profile the only change was the approach to driving. This effectively meant that the change in driving turned a car that didn’t look too drivable into a race winner. And that exactly what happened in Heat 9 – Michal Orlowski putting in a 14/313.49 – only a second off the fastest time set all day by anyone. Orlowski leaving the rostrum not happy as a tangle with a backmarker had probably cost him the fastest time of the day.

New guard vs. old

In heat 11, all eyes were on Tommy Hall. Could he add another fast TQ time to his standing result to displace Neil Cragg? The heat started fast with Tommy and Danny McGee setting the pace. Mid-race some unforced errors put Tommy on his roof and allowed Danny through. Danny showing a predicted 14/312 time, but an unforced error cancelled that and Tommy resumed the lead. The two drivers laid down competitive laps for the remainder of the race, but the damage was done – 14/316.26 for Tommy. As Orlowski had already beaten that time, Pole Position will go the Niel Cragg regardless.

Pole man

With Pole Position already secure, Neil Cragg an start heat 12 with the pressure off. He got off to a blistering start and gapped the remainder of the field straight away. He ran consistently for the five minutes making few mistakes with Josh Holdsworth in tow. Neil recording a 14/312.26 which was enough to give him three TQ runs from four.

2wd Qualifying Round 4 results….

1Neil Cragg14/312.26
2Michal Orlowski14/313.49
3Josh Holdsworth14/315.33
4Tommy Hall14/316.28
5Ben Pugh14/316.72
6Ben Smith14/317.19
7Danny Mcgee14/317.67
8Ben Jemison14/318.24
9Jamie Hall14/321.34
10Joseph Howson14/322.15

1Neil Cragg0 [0 (0) (2) 0]14/312.26
2Tommy Hall2 [2 (2) 0 (4)]14/312.79
3Michal Orlowski6 [(17) (5) 4 2]14/313.49
4Ben Pugh7 [(5) 4 3 (5)]14/317.44
5Danny Mcgee7 [4 3 (13) (7)]14/318.74ec
6Josh Holdsworth9 [(10) 6 (6) 3]14/315.33
7Paul Crompton11 [3 (17) 8 (15)]14/315.32
8Ben Smith11 [(8) (10) 5 6]14/318.82
9Jamie Hall14 [7 7 (7) (9)]14/318.40
10Luke Holdsworth15 [6 9 (11) (21)]14/317.52

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