July 12, 2024


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EOS10 – Round 1 Gottingen – 2wd A Mains Leg 3

If you’ve watched the Leg 1 and Leg 2 videos you will know that Michal ORLOWSKI has one the 2wd section of the EOS this weekend. He drove very confidently and able to control the pace very well making sure not to give away any opportunities to the chasing pack.

Michal Orlowski talks to William White after Leg 2 of the 2wd A-Main
Joona Haatanen on Leg 2 and what could happen
Jorn Neumann on push as hard as you can

Michal did not complete in Leg 3 – leaving it to the remaining nine drivers to battle it out. Many of the drivers had a mathematical chance of taking 2nd place, but we expected it to be one of Jorn NEUMANN, Joona HAATENAN or Marcus KAERUP.

The race started well with Joona looking for an opportunity to get passed Jorn straight away from the start. Half a lap in, Joona made his move and somehow through a very tight section made it stick. But the dominance was short lived when at the next haripin Jorn turned in early, hitting the corner marker and flying into the side of Joona, rolling his car over. As the drivers all sensed an opportunity and made a rush for the unoccupied lead, chaos unfolded. Several cars got involved in a pile up and secondary contacts as Elias JOHANSON from 7th on the grid made it to the front with Daniel KOBBEVIK from 10th now up to second place. The two made a break whilst Joona and Jorn battled behind – Jonna going sideways in the midfield letting Jorn through. Up front, Daniel KOBBEVIK caught up with Elias Johanson and paced him – taking over the lead with only 1 minute on the clock and 4 to go.

At the two minute mark Daniel made an unforced error of the big double in the middle of the track allowing Elias through with Jorn close behind – Daniel recovering to third with Joona putting him under pressure. Elias lead Jorn around for several laps as Daniel droped down the order and Joona closed the gap to Jorn. At the half way point Elias’s car got into a bad rythm in the mid section and he tried to hang onto it as it become more and more out of control – eventually ending in a crash and loss of the lead – taking out Jorn in the process. Elias was lucky ending up back on his wheels with Jorns help, recovering straight into second behind Joona – Jorn not so lucky needing the marshall.

With 90 seconds to go Joona Haatanen was able to control the pace and win the Leg – claiming 2nd overall in the process.

RankFinalPilotPoints TotalPoints per RunCountryModel
1AMichal ORLOWSKI21:12:1 [3:10]PLSchumacher
2AJoona HAATANEN33:12:2 [1:3]FIAssociated
3AMarcus KAERUP51:23:3 [2:5]DKAssociated
4AJörn NEUMANN53:22:3 [1:4]DESchumacher
5ABurak KILIC92:43:5 [1:9]TRYokomo
6AElias JOHANSSON103:42:6 [1:8]SESerpent
7APekko IIVONEN121:52:7 [3:7]FISchumacher
8AJuan Carlos CANAS CARRASCO133:61:7 [2:8]ESSworkz
9AMicha WIDMAIER151:63:9 [2:10]DESworkz
10ADaniel KOBBEVIK173:82:9 [1:10]NOSchumacher