June 13, 2024


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EOS10 – Round 1 Gottingen – 2wd A Mains Leg 2

Before looking at Leg 2 of the 2wd A-Main – check out the drivers reactions to Leg 1.

Michal Orlowski talks us through Leg 1 of the 2wd A-Main
Marcus Kaerup on finishing 2nd in Leg 1
Joona Haatanen on finishing 3rd in Leg 1
Jorn Neumann was fourth in Leg 1 but had the pace to win it

2wd A-Main Leg 2

The second Leg of the 2wd A-main had all the ingredients for thrilling racing and plenty of drama. The track only has one or two places where a high speed overtaking maneuver is possible, and they are not without compromise. You can get up the inside or outside of the competition, but the two of you will be offline on the corner exit.

The battle between Michal Orlowski, Joona Haatanen, Jorn Neumann and Marcus Kaerup was intense. You are better off watching the video to see for yourself…

So Michal Orlowski wins Leg 2 and secures the 2wd portion of the meeting. Second place is still undecided with Joona, Marcus and Jorn all able to make it happen.

11Michal ORLOWSKI145:11.30923.49523.856
23Joona HAATANEN145:11.52323.31023.841
32Jörn NEUMANN145:12.01223.26123.890
48Burak KILIC145:12.94723.24823.888
54Marcus KAERUP145:14.19823.12624.028
67Elias JOHANSSON145:21.07223.45024.517
76Pekko IIVONEN145:23.22023.27624.696
89Juan Carlos CANAS CARRASCO135:00.63323.38324.847
910Daniel KOBBEVIK135:02.58823.60224.973
105Micha WIDMAIER30:54.87025.22626.433