July 16, 2024


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EOS10 – Round 1 Gottingen – 2wd A Mains Leg 1

Stock Truck

Mirko MORTENSTERN [DE] picked up where he left off by dominating leg 1 or the Stock Truck A-Main. He drove a controlled race whilst others had issues. Mirko won the final by 11 seconds from eberhard BECK [DE] with Frank GOLUEKE [DE] in thid.

11Mirko MORGENSTERN125:03.98227.15527.526
22Eberhard BECK125:14.65827.37528.477
35Frank GOLUEKE115:05.40828.27530.327
44Olaf STEIN115:09.91029.32530.792
53Daniel MANNHART115:16.12028.39431.441
66Daniel HÜNI115:26.82129.50332.427
77Peter HOLLFELDER105:02.63728.68433.304

2wd Stock

And its the same story in 2wd Stock – the top qualifiers dominate the finals – Sören SPARBIER taking the win. Tim BENSON was able to get past Jarno SILTANEN to take second.

PosNr.Pilot NrPilotILapsEndtimeBesttimeMediumtime
11Sören SPARBIER135:07.95224.75325.567
23Tim BENSON135:17.36324.21726.319
32Jarno SILTANEN135:21.90325.07026.709
47Sven RUDIG135:26.52725.89827.014
56Dean BURBACH125:01.23525.26627.184
65Mirko MORGENSTERN125:01.71125.60827.243
74Aaron WAITZ125:01.87425.27727.282
88Rene LEVETZOW125:15.93626.17428.480
99Yves HONEGGER125:17.21127.11028.567
1010Thorsten SCHMITZ125:20.95026.80028.872

2wd Modified

If you haven’t yet listened to the top 3 qualifiers taking about their strategies for the final, you can catch up with that in a previous post.

The 2wd A-Main Leg 1 started off without any incidents – Michal ORLOWSKI leading Jorn NEUMANN and Joona HAATANEN away. There was no ground being gained by any of the first three drivers for the first few laps and the only driver appearing to be making any ground was Marcus KAERUP who had a slow start and was now recovering in join the lead group.

At about the 2 minute mark, Jorn had drawn up to the back of Michal’s car and was looking for a gap – making light contact a couple of times. We were all watching intensely, waiting for the move, when Jorn, still in second place, clipped a track marking with a rear when putting him into a barrel roll. Whilst this was going on Marcus KAERUP had managed to get by Joona HAATANEN. The new order at the midpoint – ORLOWSKI, KAERUP, HAATANEN, NEUMANN. Michal now had some breaking room as the other three battled for 2nd. Nobody was able to make a move, and the race finished in that order.

11Michal ORLOWSKI145:09.96623.34323.759
24Marcus KAERUP145:13.60423.48423.989
33Joona HAATANEN145:13.72623.47224.016
42Jörn NEUMANN145:14.41023.22024.082
56Pekko IIVONEN145:19.15223.81024.387
65Micha WIDMAIER145:19.58523.42124.436
79Juan Carlos CANAS CARRASCO145:19.93023.35824.421
87Elias JOHANSSON145:20.37323.68824.467
98Burak KILIC145:22.08223.08224.596
1010Daniel KOBBEVIK135:02.71723.44324.989