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Updated! – EOS 10 – Round 1 Gottingen- Preview

New Season, New Venues….

The tenth Euro Offroad Series season kicks off 1 -3 April 2022 in Gottingen, Germany. Round 1 of #EOS10 is the first of five rounds planned for this season as Europe emerges from the pandemic restrictions.

EOS organiser Toni Rheinard told us that he is working hard on confirming the dates and venues for the remaining four rounds – all will be announced as soon as possible although some of the arrangements are the worst kept secrets in RC. As they say…. watch this space / website.

Gottingen is a large town in the centre of Germany – 2 hours north of Frankfurt and 2 hours south of Hanover. This is the first time that the EOS will visit this recently established venue. The track has been setup permanently by the ORC-B Gottingen club.

The track….

The track is a departure from what competitors in the series are used to. As Covid-19 problems continue across Europe the series has experienced a decline in entries and entry fees so at this time the series must match the venues and tracks to the funds available. The series will again have big tracks and big venues as Covid-19 problems reduce and entries increase again. The Gottingen track, although small and tight, will still provide a superb battle ground for the competitors to fight it out.

The track is only four (update:wrong! it’s actually 6 lanes and bigger than it looks in photos) lanes deep which is smaller than the five or six lanes the series tracks typically offer. The artificial grass surface offers less bite than the normal EOS carpet and the slower cars should provide closer racing. The ORC-B Gottingen crew have done the most possible with the space available and have created a very 3D track – we will have some excellent “Big Air” photos to share at the weekend.

Here’s a trackwalk video

Who to watch….

We are absolutely terrible at predicting who will do well and who won’t – but we may as well stick our neck out for your entertainment. Here’s who we will be watching in each class….

Stock Truck Class

Schumacher’s Philip Marzinger had tons of pace and took the win at the finale of last season in Daun. He managed to keep his Storm ST truck ahead of Sven Braciak in 2nd and Chris Geier in 3rd. Philip will be in Gottingen, but similarly to the two other drivers on the podium in Daun, he has not entered the Stock Truck class! In fact the only driver from the top 10 in Daun entered into the class in Gottingen is Olaf Stein – all eyes on him!

Stock 2wd

Simon Stegmeier was the man with the pace in the finals in the 2wd stock class in Daun – another driver not on the entry list for Gottingen. Mick Burbach and Olaf Stein will be joined by the returning Sven Rudig and Rene Levetzov as well a few new names to the series which will ensure close, competitive racing. Its too hard to call who will be the pace setter – Rudig always goes well.

Modified 2wd

Lots of big names in town! Micha Widmaier, Lee Martin, Jorn Neumann, Michal Orlowski, Daniel Kobbevik, Moritz Lautenbach, Joona Haatenan, Elliott Boots, Burkan & Burak Kilic, Juan Carlos Canas, Pekko Iivonen, Elias Johansson, Clement Boda and Marcus Kaerup – there’s just a few of the entries which you could use to build a fantasy RC Euros A Main! The quality at the sharp end in superb.

Modified Truck

Jorn Neumann was on fire in Daun, setting incredible laptimes with his Schumacher Storm ST. In Gottingen he will be joined by some drivers which will keep him on his toes including Burak Kilic, Micha Widmaier & Luca Rau. We not seen the class run before on a tight astro track and it will be interesting to see where the time is made up through the jump sections.

Stock 4wd

Most of the Stock 4wd class drivers match the Stock truck class. We expect to see close battles between Rudig, Burbach, Stein, Levetzow just to name a few – we must not discount the local club drivers too which for sure will be fast! Given the size of the track, we expect the pace difference between the Stock and Modified class to be less than normal – it will be very interesting.

4wd Modified

This is going to be fast! like slot cars on steroids! The pace of a modern 4wd modified will astound most people, but on a tight technical track the change of direction will be difficult for even the best in Europe or the World for that matter. Michal Orlowski set himself apart in Daun, but that was very different. The field as mentioned in the 2wd modified section will be there to make it difficult especially with so few overtaking opportunities.

Where to watch….

The event is all over the internet and social media. Here are the links….

Event website with live video and regular stage reports: www.eurorcseries.com/eos
Photos, news, original reports: www.racewayone.com
Facebook updates: www.facebook.com/racewayone
Instagram: @racewayonelive
A main videos: www.youtube.com/racewayone

News and updates will start from Friday morning April 1st.

We really hope you enjoy the event and the coverage.