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EOS10 Round 1 Gottingen – 1300hrs – Friday morning Practice

EOS10 Round 1 – must have links….

Live video feed – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPSYUnXRxiIHbT_WGqxSAlA
Official Euro Offroad Series website – http://www.eurorcseries.com/eos/
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The timing and results – https://www.myrcm.ch/myrcm/main?dId[E]=62588#
The gallery (Day 1 2wd) – click here
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1300hrs – Friday morning Practice

We are back! After a short break, the tenth season of the Euro Offroad Series has kicked off in Gottingen, Germany. Drivers made there way here this morning on snowy roads and the hall started to fill up at 7am. The ambient temperature has dropped this weekend to the low single digits and the building’s temperature is only a few degrees warmer than outside. This has had an interesting effect on track and grip available. Most of the drivers are reporting lower than expected grip levels and the cars are moving around quite a bit on the track surface. It wasn’t long into round 1 of free practice that we realised that one top driver was missing – Lee MARTIN absent after a last minute problem with a flight transfer which couldn’t be rectified.

In practice for the Stock Truck class is was Mirko MORGENSTERN [DE] and Eberhard BECK [DE] who put in the fastest times during the two sessions. The trucks are also experiencing the lower than expected grip and drive levels – the big wide tyres not generating the grip needed. MORGENSTERN going fastest in timed practice.

In the 13.5 2wd Stock Class three different drivers went fastest in the three different rounds – Mirko MORGENSTERN [DE], Tim BENSON [DE] and Sören SPARBIER [DE]. We knew that the battle for fastest 2 laps during timed practice was going to be tight! SPARBIER would take the fastest seed accolade from Tim BENSON with Jarno SILTANEN [FI] in third.

In the 2wd modified category, the pre-event testing which some drivers were lucky to get seemed to have been rendered pointless after the sudden drop in temperature and reduced traction on track. In the free practice sessions some of the cars in the top heat didnt look great as the drivers worked out how much grip was available. After setting the pace in 2wd qualifying at the last EOS round in Duan, it was again Micha WIDMAIER [DE] who was setting the pace with his Sworkz. Schumacher’s Jorn NEUMANN [DE] and Marcus KAERUP [DK] for Team Associated rounding out the top 3. As the rounds moved into timed practice, NEUMANN screwed the taps and started to make it look very easy. WIDMAEIR in seconds, and Michael Orlowsi [PO] in third – all three drivers within 0.4 seconds over two laps. In the second timed practice session all three drivers would go faster again and maintain their order – this is going to be a very tight qualifying session this afternoon!

1Jörn NEUMANN0:46.5782 [1]DESchumacher
2Micha WIDMAIER0:46.7062 [1]DESworkz
3Michal ORLOWSKI0:47.0402 [1]PLSchumacher
4Marcus KAERUP0:47.1241 [2]DKAssociated
5Elias JOHANSSON0:47.1911 [2]SESerpent
6Aaron RÖNICK0:47.6022 [1]DEAssociated
7Burak KILIC0:47.6092 [1]TRYokomo
8Joona HAATANEN0:47.6202 [1]FIAssociated
9Juan Carlos CANAS CARRASCO0:47.6441 [2]ESSworkz
10Elliott BOOTS0:47.8692 [1]ITSworkz

We chat to Schumacher’s Trish Neal about the track, pre-event practice and setup changes.

Qualifying round 1 coming up next….