July 16, 2024


Cool & Filtered news from the worlds of RC Racing

We’ve launched…. as well as other news you might like….

Why? What’s the point?

Up to now we’ve managed to bring you great galleries of photos (and some shoddy at times video) through our facebook page, now it’s time for more……

It’s time for better photos, better live video, better edited video, more commentary, more reporting, more interviews, more how-to’s, more detailed information – and facebook couldn’t help us with that….

So RacewayOne.com has been revised and relaunched with a behind the scenes structure which will take focus from facebook. We will continue to share cut’n’paste news on facebook, but our unique event coverage and content will be on the new website primarily……

This is like inception – a webpage inside a webpage inside a webpage

Our aim is bring RC car racing enthusiasts great content so that your sport continues to interest and entertain you away from the track whilst in your arm chair or at your office desk.

Not everyone is going to agree with how we go about things or the comments we make, but we always aim to be hard working, adaptable and fair – and we always like to get feedback whether good or, eh, constructive…..

In time, we will be introducing our advertising partners which will be displayed in the feature banners on each page. Also, we will be introducing tiered video guides to aspects of the sport for novice, intermediate and advanced racers with input from some of the World’s top names. This content will be subscription based for a little as $2/month.

These features will come in time, but for the moment we will settle for a lift to lockdowns and a resumption of racing.

I hope you enjoy what we’ve done….