June 13, 2024


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BRCA R5 TORCH – 2wd Qualifying Round 3

So, if you’ve been following you’ve know that it’s Ben Smith and Neil Cragg with a TQ each. As the day progresses you can feel the intensity growing, but Neil is Mr. Cool and isn’t phased where others would be sweating up a lather.

2wd Qualifying Round 3….

In heat 10, Tommy Hall has already shown his potential win pace, but a TQ would make it fact. He put in a great run with hardly any errors to record a 12/321.03 – the fastest time we have seen this weekend so far. Jamie Hall was right on his tail and also put in a superb run to record 12/323.73 – good enough for fifth in round. 5 positions in 2.7 seconds shows you how close the racing is.

2022 BRCA 1/10th Offroad National Championships

Round 5 – TORCH – 6/7 August 2022

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Heat 11 was all about Michal Orlowski and Steve Brown. Local racer Brown has put in very pacey runs all day, but Orlowski has the championship in mind and that may motivate him beyond the normal amount. Brown was faster, but made more errors. Orlowski’s run was fast and clean, but not fast enough to displace Hall – 12/323.30. Brown only a second behind on a 12/324.57 – good enough for sixth in round.


The top heat – heat 12 – showed that it was actually Neil Cragg motivated by a possible title today. The Lancashire driver putting in a masterclass type display to secure as 12/321.00 – 0.03 seconds ahead of Hall. It looks like today is shaping up to be an Associated front row if Tommy Hall can do the sale again in round 4 which will cause Orlowski problems in the finals. Ben Smith was also going very fast! 12/322.8 gave him another third in round. At the moment Ben is sitting in second place – he just needs a fraction more to hang onto that front row place.


2wd Round 3 of qualifying results

1Neil Cragg12/321.00
2Tommy Hall12/321.03
3Ben Smith12/322.80
4Michal Orlowski12/323.30
5Jamie Hall12/323.73
6Steve Brown12/324.57
7Luke Holdsworth12/326.79
8Ben Pugh11/301.95
9Charlie Saunders11/303.43
10Edward Callan11/303.88

Overall points after 3 rounds of 2wd qualifying

1Neil Cragg0 [(2) 0 0 (116)]12/321.00
2Ben Smith3 [0 (3) 3 (116)]12/324.93
3Tommy Hall4 [(9) 2 2 (116)]12/321.03
4Michal Orlowski8 [(6) 4 4 (116)]12/323.30
5Steve Brown9 [3 (7) 6 (116)]12/327.46
6Jamie Hall10 [5 (9) 5 (116)]12/323.73
7Josh Holdsworth12 [7 5 (15) (116)]12/326.45
8Luke Holdsworth13 [(10) 6 7 (116)]11/300.96
9Ben Pugh16 [(11) 8 8 (116)]11/301.95
10Charlie Saunders19 [(13) 10 9 (116)]11/303.43