July 16, 2024


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BRCA R4 Stotfold – 2wd Qualifying Round 4

Qualifying has proven to be tough and unforgiving here at Stotfold. The sun is shining down in the most unnatural way, scorching the ground and people below. So far, Joe Howson, Neil Cragg and Michal Orlowski all have one TQ under their belts. Round 4 would prove to be critical in the battle for pole position.

Heat 9…

The first seeded heat is heat 9. Michal Orlowski was first away closely followed by Joe Howson. The two drivers put in consistently fast laps over and over again until a mistake from Howson put paid to his challenge for the heat or overall TQ. Orlowski continued to put in smooth and consistent laps will the end of the race logging a 14/311.41 – not his fastest time, but not a time that will be easily beaten all the same. Lee Martin took second in head 5 seconds adrift, Ben Pugh in third.

2022 BRCA 1/10th Offroad National Championships

Round 4 – Stotfold – 16/17 July 2022

Heat 10….

Kit Jones has been fastest in heat 10 all day. He put in another excellent run with only a few bobbles to set 14/316.33. An excellent time, but not a challenge to Orlowski. Jamie Hall took second in heat with Nathan Ralls rounding out the top 3. Jones’ time just short of Lee Martin’s to settle into third so far.


Heat 11….

Top heat and overall Pole position can still be decided by heat 11. Neil Cragg has been rapid all day, but mistakes have crept in, and a fast clear run is eluding him. Neil started the heat in absolutely rapid fashion and was his predicted time was hovering around Orlowski’s time set in heat 9. Unfortunately, mid-race, Neil made a few small errors which cost him a bit and that was compounded when he tagged a pipe on a hairpin and found himself facing the hose and isolated from the marshal. That was his TQ ambition killed off – Orlowski starts from pole.


2wd Qualifying Round 4 results…

Michal Orlowski
2Lee Martin14/316.10
3Kit Jones14/316.33
4Charlie Ware14/317.10
5Jamie Hall14/317.57
6Neil Cragg14/318.76
7Ben Pugh14/319.48
8Tommy Hall14/319.80
9Paul Crompton14/321.21
10William Venables14/321.50

Overall 2wd Qualifying Points

1Michal Orlowski0 [(3) (3) 0 0]14/310.09
2Joseph Howson2 [2 0 (7) (14)]14/310.45
3Neil Cragg2 [0 2 (2) (6)]14/313.02
4Lee Martin6 [4 (6) (4) 2]14/316.10
5Kit Jones6 [(7) (5) 3 3]14/316.08
6Charlie Ware10 [(6) (23) 6 4]14/317.10
7Jamie Hall13 [(16) 8 (10) 5]14/317.57
8Paul Crompton14 [(9) (10) 5 9]14/317.04
9Luke Holdsworth14 [5 9 (31) (29)]14/317.74
10Tommy Hall15 [(11) 7 (8) 8]14/318.05

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