May 18, 2024


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BRCA R2 Southport – 4wd Qualifying Round 4

With Pole Position already decide and taken by Neil Cragg, attention now falls to the battle for second place between Ben Smith, Tommy Hall and Lee Martin. There is nothing between the three on outright pace, so it will be consistancy and luck which settle this.

More drizzle has fallen on the track at the start of Round 4, but the general consensus is that rain is done for the day and it will be dry for the finals.

3-way attack…

The drivers battling for top positions have been nicely spread over the last three heats. It builds the suspence and provides atmosphere trackside. In round 3 we’d noticed that Lee Martin’s Yokmomo looked especially pacey and as he was passing ot table I asked him about his perforamnce so far – his response was “The car is the best it’s been…. watch this one”. And Lee didn’t disappoint.

2022 BRCA 1/10th Offroad National Championships

Round 2 – Southport – 21/22 May 2022

Taking it up a notch

In heat 9, initially Lee Martin and Ben Smith ran very closely, however after the mid point of the race Martin opened the taps and started to go really really quickly. He finished the heat as the only driver apart from Neil Cragg on 16 laps with a 16/318.58. Ben Smith having some late problems to only put in a 15/307.15 – one of his slowest times of the day.

In heat 10, Neil Cragg led the cars away with nothing to prove. He had already secured TQ and this was just a chance to nail the point or try out something new. He was running well before a mistake on the last corner before the straight. After being marshalled he decided to retire the car – possibly saving his energy for the A Finals. Tyler Liddle took up the lead of the heat and finished it out on a 15/304.84 – fourth in round.

It was then up to the drivers in heat 11 to put a halt to Martin’s TQ asperations. Tommy Hall and Paul Crompton broke away from the pack and looked like a threat. However mistakes from the two drivers who both looked like they were a little too close to the ragged edge meant that Martin’s time was safe.

Top 10 overall after Qualifying Round 4….

1Neil Cragg0 [(0) 0 0 (98)]16/318.16
2Lee Martin3 [(4) (6) 3 0]16/318.58
3Ben Smith4 [(3) 2 2 (7)]15/300.02
4Tommy Hall5 [2 3 (6) (3)]15/302.67
5Paul Crompton6 [(59) 4 (4) 2]15/302.63
6Jamie Hall10 [(5) 5 5 (5)]15/303.96
7Tyler Liddle11 [(7) 7 (13) 4]15/304.84
8Ben Jemison15 [6 9 (93) (39)]15/309.54
9Luke Holdsworth15 [8 (10) 7 (11)]15/306.57
10Ben Pugh16 [(10) (11) 10 6]15/306.58

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