July 16, 2024


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BRCA R2 Southport – 4wd Qualifying Round 1

Lots of tired zombies emerged from Premier Inns and camp sites in the local vicinity this morning – descending on the track venue before 7am. There was no further rain last night although temperatures were very cool first thing this morning – only just creeping into double figures. Initially overcast for practice, the day does promise to improve and its hoped that things will stay dry.

Practice session…

Tommy Hall – the 4wd winner at Kidderminster – looks very quick from the word go this morning. Hall has transitioned from future star to a permanent contender at the front of the 4wd field. He put in the best overall times in practice twice – but he wasn’t the fastest on track, that accolade going to local man Paul Crompton. We can see already that there is going to be a tight battle today. Neil Cragg, Jamie Hall, Luke Holdsworth, Neil Cragg, Tyler Liddle, Lee Martin, Ben Smith, Josh Holdsworth, Edward Callan and a few others all getting into the 19 second lap bracket.

2022 BRCA 1/10th Offroad National Championships

Round 2 – Southport – 21/22 May 2022

4wd Qualifying Round 1

Andy Woods, Chris Evison and Mark Smith were the first drivers onto 15 laps, but they would slip down the overall order by the time heat 9 was compete. In the heat, there was a rapid tossle for the win between Ben Smith and Lee Martin. The former getting away early in the heat with Martin slowly realing him in from the midpoint of the race. Smith took the heat by 0.3s on a 15/304.48.

Heat 10 all eyes were on the Associated pairing of Neil Cragg and Jamie Hall. Cragg started hammering fast laps down with Jamie Hall and Tyler Liddle in tow. He had a faultless run to go 15/302.52, displacing Ben Smith at the top of the table with one heat to go. The drivers in heat 11 would need to come up with something special to beat Cragg’s time.

To finish first….

Heat 11 was lead away by Tommy Hall. I am always impressed by how the top drivers can drive away from the line and hit the first corner at full pace – there’s not warming up, or going in gently – its full send! Tommy Hall put in a string of mid 19 seconds lap and was showing a predicted TQ, before an error cost him about three seconds. He recovered well, but you can’t give those sort of concessions at this level. Hall put in a 15/302.67 – only 0.1s off Cragg.

Overall 4wd standings after round 1….

1Neil Cragg15/302.52
2Tommy Hall15/302.67
3Ben Smith15/304.48
4Lee Martin15/304.82
5Jamie Hall15/307.94
6Ben Jemison15/309.54
7Tyler Liddle15/310.50
8Luke Holdsworth15/311.57
9Matthew Thompson15/313.20
10Ben Pugh15/314.19
11Edward Callan15/314.85
12Mark Smith15/315.68
13Chris Evison15/315.84
14Eugene Galley15/318.53
15Andy Woods15/319.60
16Anthony Parr15/320.58
17James Helliwell15/320.84
18Kevin Hodkinson14/300.23
19Joel Maher14/300.55
20Matthew Peters14/300.81

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