June 13, 2024


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EOS 10 – Round 1 Gottingen- 4wd Qualifying Round 4

4wd Modified

We’ve just witnessed an incredible top heat in Round 4 qualifying in 4wd modified. Marcus KAERUP [DK] burst out of the traps to take the lead of the heat and the gap on track to his next challenger, Michal ORLOWSKI, looked larger than expected right up till mid race. Then the tables turned after the mid point and ORLOWSKI started to chip into KAERUP’S lead, as his teammate Jorn NEUMANN also made progress into KAERUP’s lead. ORLOWSKI’s consistancy paid off as he managed to pass KAERUP on the timing system, but not on track to win the heat and secure overall TQ. NEUMANN also just pipping him to second.

12Michal ORLOWSKI145:13.45922.11622.389
21Jörn NEUMANN145:14.01722.00222.429
33Marcus KAERUP145:14.04022.18122.431
47Daniel KOBBEVIK145:15.41522.15922.529
56Micha WIDMAIER145:20.41222.44922.886
68Juan Carlos CANAS CARRASCO145:22.31122.43823.022
79Elliott BOOTS135:02.23922.41723.249
85Clement BODA135:05.76922.59623.520
94Joona HAATANEN135:08.37322.49323.721

After all four rounds – the overall qualifying ranking looks like this…..

RankPilotPoints TotalPoints per RunCountryModel
1Michal ORLOWSKI3104:1552:155 [3:1551:119]PLSchumacher
2Marcus KAERUP3081:1552:153 [3:1534:152]DKAssociated
3Jörn NEUMANN3054:1533:152 [2:1511:149]DESchumacher
4Daniel KOBBEVIK3051:1532:152 [4:1513:151]NOSchumacher
5Joona HAATANEN3011:1523:149 [2:1464:142]FIAssociated
6Micha WIDMAIER3001:1514:149 [2:1483:147]DESworkz
7Pekko IIVONEN3004:1502:150 [1:1483:141]FISchumacher
8Juan Carlos CANAS CARRASCO3003:1501:150 [4:1482:143]ESSworkz
9Clement BODA2952:1493:146 [1:1444:143]FRSworkz
10Elliott BOOTS2943:1484:146 [1:1452:140]ITSworkz