April 22, 2024


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EOS 10 – Round 1 Gottingen- 4wd A-Mains Leg 1

4wd 10.5 Stock

The Sören SPARBIER show continues. He lead from start to finish with a smooth and controlled drive. Tim BENSON recovered from an early mistake which cost him badly to second. Aaron WAITZ finished third.

11Sören SPARBIER145:18.03223.64624.375
22Tim BENSON135:06.34823.46325.419
34Aaron WAITZ135:10.10524.13925.698
45Dean BURBACH135:23.52124.80226.798
56Phil LANGNER135:24.45324.58126.863
69Rene LEVETZOW125:06.14225.42227.562
78Jasmin DONATH125:07.78925.08427.760
87Thorsten SCHMITZ125:13.92124.69928.334
910Yves HONEGGER115:04.92425.44630.183
103Sven RUDIG72:39.61824.11526.355

Modified Truck

This final was very very entertaining to watch. Jorn NEUMANN lead from the start but was under pressure from Burak KILIC for the whole 5 minutes with Micha WIDMAIER and Luca RAU in toe. The 4 car chain initially broke away but inevitably slowed each other up allowing Sophie MULLER to get involved. Jorn hung on for the Leg 1 win.

PosNr.Pilot NrPilotILapsEndtimeBesttimeMediumtime
11Jörn NEUMANN145:23.31024.08024.778
22Burak KILIC135:04.90724.00825.285
34Luca RAU135:05.15824.63625.264
45Sophie MÜLLER135:09.86024.97325.644
56Jens BECKER135:21.22825.25226.583
67Mirko MORGENSTERN125:01.23725.47327.164
78Eberhard BECK125:15.71526.98928.456
89Daniel MANNHART115:06.42627.33230.354
910Frank GOLUEKE115:22.15626.92931.900
103Micha WIDMAIER83:03.33824.51925.937

4wd Modified

Leg 1 of the 4wd Modified A Main was fully loaded with drama. Michal ORLOWSKI initially made a break but it was short lived as Marcus KAERUP got into his stride and gap was closed up. You’re going to need to watch what happened next….

12Marcus KAERUP155:19.61422.22822.729
21Michal ORLOWSKI155:19.95322.19622.772
34Daniel KOBBEVIK155:23.00722.30822.946
46Micha WIDMAIER145:01.04222.41322.990
59Clement BODA145:01.77222.34223.002
65Joona HAATANEN145:05.22422.28423.329
78Juan Carlos CANAS CARRASCO145:06.97822.45623.408
83Jörn NEUMANN145:10.87422.18823.792
910Elliott BOOTS145:11.37622.57323.741
107Pekko IIVONEN145:14.98122.66724.049