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EOS 10 – Round 1 Gottingen- 4wd Qualifying Round 3

It is a brisk and fresh morning here in Gottingen, Germany. Of course, we are here for Round 1 of the tenth season of the Euro Offroad Series. In the 4wd section of the event it was one TQ each for Marcus KAERUP and Michal ORLOWSKI overnight. This morning we started round 3 of qualifying.

4wd Stock

In the 4wd Stock Class, Sören SPARBIER made it three from three. He is ahead in the heats, but only marginally. He has claimed Pole Position for the finals, but one mistake will see him having to work for it.

RankNr.PilotPoints TotalPoints per RunCountryModel
1Sören SPARBIER1551:155 [2:1553:1554:]DESerpent
2Tim BENSON1531:153 [2:1533:1534:]DE
3Aaron WAITZ1521:152 [2:1523:1514:]DE
4Sven RUDIG1523:152 [1:1512:1514:]DETeam Associated B74.1
5Thorsten SCHMITZ1502:150 [1:1493:1494:]DE
6Phil LANGNER1501:150 [2:1493:1374:]DE
7Dean BURBACH1503:150 [2:1481:04:]DE
8Rene LEVETZOW1483:148 [2:1471:1464:]ATTeam Associated B74.1
9Jasmin DONATH1481:148 [3:1472:1454:]DE
10Patrick SOMMER1471:147 [2:1463:1444:]DE

Modified Truck

In the faster truck class, Jorn Neumann leads on the points table with but with a zero point score in round 1. He will need a good round 4 score to cement pole position for the finals.

RankNr.PilotPoints TotalPoints per RunCountry
1Jörn NEUMANN1553:155 [2:1551:04:]DE
2Burak KILIC1551:155 [3:1532:1454:]TR
3Micha WIDMAIER1531:153 [2:1533:1464:]DE
4Luca RAU1521:152 [2:1523:1494:]DE
5Sophie MÜLLER1523:152 [2:1511:1504:]DE
6Jens BECKER1513:151 [1:1512:1504:]DE
7Mirko MORGENSTERN1503:150 [2:1491:1494:]DE
8Eberhard BECK1482:148 [3:1481:1484:]DE
9Frank GOLUEKE1472:147 [1:1473:04:]DE
10Daniel MANNHART1473:147 [2:1461:1464:]CH

4wd Modified

The 4wd modified section is rapid at the sharp end. The top heat made it look so easy with very few problems for anyone. Michal ORLOWSKI and Marcus KAERUP were on point duty for the full 5 minutes, but NEUMANN, KOBBEVIK and CANAS all have the pace to make it hard work for the leaders. All eyes on round 4…

PosNr.Pilot NrPilotILapsEndtimeBesttimeMediumtime
12Michal ORLOWSKI145:16.37722.17022.598
23Marcus KAERUP145:17.21822.25922.658
31Jörn NEUMANN145:18.38822.26322.742
47Daniel KOBBEVIK145:19.46122.38122.818
58Juan Carlos CANAS CARRASCO145:20.92822.66222.923
64Joona HAATANEN145:20.94022.56322.924
79Elliott BOOTS145:22.54622.55323.039
86Micha WIDMAIER135:01.38322.44623.183
95Clement BODA135:02.29422.43723.253

RankNr.PilotPoints TotalPoints per RunCountryModel
1Marcus KAERUP1551:155 [2:1533:1534:]DKAssociated
2Michal ORLOWSKI1552:155 [3:1551:1194:]PLSchumacher
3Daniel KOBBEVIK1531:153 [2:1523:1514:]NOSchumacher
4Jörn NEUMANN1523:152 [2:1511:1494:]DESchumacher
5Joona HAATANEN1521:152 [3:1492:1464:]FIAssociated
6Micha WIDMAIER1511:151 [2:1483:1474:]DESworkz
7Pekko IIVONEN1502:150 [1:1483:1414:]FISchumacher
8Juan Carlos CANAS CARRASCO1503:150 [1:1502:1434:]ESSworkz
9Clement BODA1492:149 [3:1461:1444:]FRSworkz
10Elliott BOOTS1483:148 [1:1452:1404:]ITSworkz