June 13, 2024


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EOS 10 – Round 1 Gottingen- 4wd A-Mains Leg 2

4wd Modified

4wd Modified A-Main Leg 2 was an extremely high paced race. Marcus KAERUP executed an almost devine move on Michal ORLOWSKI entering the raised back section and took the lead in the early stages. They battled for several laps before a series of ugly and unfortunate events occurred – which you would not expect to witness at an event of the Euro Offroad Series’ caliber.

The consequences of this occurrence is that KAERUP received a penalty – resulting on KOBBEVIK taking the Leg win. You better watch the video and make up your own mind. The winner of Leg 3 will take the 4wd meeting.

14Daniel KOBBEVIK155:18.85922.25022.653
23Jörn NEUMANN155:19.45122.25222.790T: 5:20.596 > 5:19.451
31Michal ORLOWSKI155:19.45222.14122.739
45Joona HAATANEN145:01.82222.34423.068
58Juan Carlos CANAS CARRASCO145:02.35422.44623.073
69Clement BODA145:03.46422.11123.147
77Pekko IIVONEN145:05.31622.33923.309
810Elliott BOOTS145:06.23922.54223.343
92Marcus KAERUP145:06.24022.24922.668L: 15 > 14 T: 5:18.667 > 5:06.240
106Micha WIDMAIER82:44.75222.74323.228

Standings going into Leg 3….

RankFinalPilotPoints TotalPoints per RunCountryModel
1ADaniel KOBBEVIK42:11:3 [3:]NOSchumacher
2AMichal ORLOWSKI51:22:3 [3:]PLSchumacher
3AMarcus KAERUP101:12:9 [3:]DKAssociated
4AJörn NEUMANN102:21:8 [3:]DESchumacher
5AJoona HAATANEN102:41:6 [3:]FIAssociated
6AClement BODA111:52:6 [3:]FRSworkz
7AJuan Carlos CANAS CARRASCO122:51:7 [3:]ESSworkz
8AMicha WIDMAIER141:42:10 [3:]DESworkz
9APekko IIVONEN172:71:10 [3:]FISchumacher
10AElliott BOOTS172:81:9 [3:]ITSworkz