May 18, 2024


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EOS 10 – Round 1 Gottingen- 4wd A-Mains Leg 3

4wd 10.5 Stock

A recovery in Leg 3 of the 4wd Stock A-Main allowed Sören SPARBIER to claim the overall victory with two wins from 3. His main rival for the whole weekend, Tim BENSON finished a compfortable 2nd after going into the last leg as a shoe-in for the win. Ruddog’s Sven Rudig taking second twice to secure third overall.

RankNr.FinalPilotPoints TotalPoints per RunCountry
1ASören SPARBIER21:13:1 [2:4]DE
2ATim BENSON32:11:2 [3:4]DE
3ASven RUDIG42:23:2 [1:10]DE
4ADean BURBACH72:31:4 [3:7]DE
5APhil LANGNER83:31:5 [2:6]DE
6AAaron WAITZ81:33:5 [2:8]DE
7AThorsten SCHMITZ132:51:8 [3:10]DE
8AJasmin DONATH133:62:7 [1:7]DE
9ARene LEVETZOW141:63:8 [2:9]AT
10AYves HONEGGER183:91:9 [2:10]CH

Modified Truck

In the Modified truck class Jorn NEUMANN put his DNF in Leg 2 behind him and went for the win in Leg 3. Burak KILIC and Micha WIDMAIER made him work for it though. WIDMAIER initially taking a substantial lead as Jorn and Burak continuously tangled. Jorn managed to set some blistering laps to escape Burak and then unfortunately Micha broke his cars front suspension and retired allowing Jorn to come through for the win and the overall victory.

RankNr.FinalPilotPoints TotalPoints per RunCountry
1AJörn NEUMANN21:13:1 [2:10]DE
2ABurak KILIC32:13:2 [1:2]TR
3AMicha WIDMAIER52:23:3 [1:10]DE
4ALuca RAU62:31:3 [3:4]DE
5ASophie MÜLLER82:41:4 [3:5]DE
6AJens BECKER102:51:5 [3:6]DE
7AMirko MORGENSTERN122:61:6 [3:7]DE
8AEberhard BECK142:71:7 [3:9]DE
9ADaniel MANNHART162:83:8 [1:8]CH
10AFrank GOLUEKE182:91:9 [3:10]DE

4wd Modified

At last we have a clean race. Michal ORLOWSKI set the initial pace in the early laps with Marcus KAERUP, Jorn NEUMANN and Daniel KOBBEVIK in close proximity. Michal would then make and uncharacteristic mistake and let Marcus and Jorn through. Jorn tried everything to find a way past Marcus, but jsut couldn’t get quite close enough. Marcus KAERUP takes Leg 3 and the 4wd meeting.

RankNr.FinalPilotPoints TotalPoints per RunHistory
1AMarcus KAERUP23:11:1 [2:9]Details
2ADaniel KOBBEVIK42:13:3 [1:3]Details
3AJörn NEUMANN43:22:2 [1:8]Details
4AMichal ORLOWSKI51:22:3 [3:6]Details
5AMicha WIDMAIER83:41:4 [2:10]Details
6AJoona HAATANEN102:41:6 [3:9]Details
7AClement BODA111:52:6 [3:7]Details
8AJuan Carlos CANAS CARRASCO122:51:7 [3:8]Details
9APekko IIVONEN123:52:7 [1:10]Details
10AElliott BOOTS172:81:9 [3:10]Details