June 23, 2024


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EOS 10 – Round 1 Gottingen- 1500hrs 2wd Qualifying 1

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2wd, 2wd Stock and Truck Stock qualifying got under way after a short lunch break once practice was over. The big topic of conversation is not the tyres, the setups or the drivers it is instead how ineffectual the heating system in the hall is! It is currently about one degree below zero outside and a few of us think it is not much more inside the building. The well equipped restaurant and coffee station are unusually busy as those areas heating systems are working fine, and going in there feels like getting off the plane in Ciaro mid-July! But besides that everyone appears to be getting on with it and as usual doing their best to maximise their result.

Stock Truck

Mirko MORGENSTERN [DE] has absolutely blown the competition away with his first round qualifying performance. Hi put in a solid run to finish 14 seconds ahead of Eberhard BECK [DE] with Daniel MANNHART [DE] a further 0.3 seconds behind. It is the battles in the mid field which may offer a better specticle as qualifying unfolds.

2wd Stock 13.5

The 2wd Stock class has a much more bunched up field than the Trucks. Following on from his top qualifying position, Soren SPARBIER [DE] set the fastest time in the first qualifying run – his run was nearly competely clean – 10 seconds ahead of second in heat Tim BENSON [DE], Aaron WAITZ [DE] only a further 0.8 seconds behind in third. These three drivers took the three top spots in round.

In the 2wd modified category, there was drama on the warmup laps when Joona Haatenan and Aaron Ronick came together causing both cars to break! The start of the race was delayed whist the two cars were frantically repaired by the Ruddog and Haatenan teams. Both cars were returned to the track after a couple of minutes and the race started.

Schumacher’s Jorn NEUMANN [DE] had a mistake early on which allowed the Associated of Marcus KAERUP [DK] lead the heat for several laps. We haven’t seen the Danish driver for quite some time and I am glad to report that he has lost none of his speed. But Jorn is setting the pace on this track and made a great recovery to take the heat and the Round 1 TQ. KAERUP finishing just 1.4 seconds down with a hard charging Michal Orlowski only 0.8 seconds behind in third.

PosNr.Pilot NrPilotILapsEndtimeBesttimeMediumtime
11Jörn NEUMANN135:08.89823.13723.761
24Marcus KAERUP135:10.20123.63823.861
33Michal ORLOWSKI135:10.99523.25023.922
47Burak KILIC135:12.58623.94124.045
55Elias JOHANSSON135:13.22823.57624.094
68Joona HAATANEN135:13.93023.63224.148
72Micha WIDMAIER135:15.70223.30624.284
89Juan Carlos CANAS CARRASCO135:16.47523.70324.344
96Aaron RÖNICK135:21.30123.75324.715
1010Elliott BOOTS125:07.90924.06025.659
2wd Modified Top Heat Round 1 – Jorn Neumann TQ

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