June 13, 2024


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EOS 10 – Round 1 Gottingen- 1730hrs 2wd Qualifying 3

2wd Stock top heat video…

We looked at the top Stock Truck heat in our last report and now it is time for the 2wd Stock top heat.

We will come back to the Stock classes later on.

2wd Modified

In the modified class there was a lot of excitement in the spectator area; not during the top heat, but in the second from top heat. Pekko IIVONEN [FI] had shown pace early in the day, but had over-driven his car at times which caused delays. In round 3 he set the record straight and set a time which would surely see him in the top 5 in round, but until the top heat was run we wouldn’t know where. His time 13/5:11.716 – a vast improvement on his times earlier in the day.

In the top heat, most drivers came out guns blazing in round 3, but it was only one driver who had a clean run – and that was Michal ORLOWSKI – setting a new fastest time 13/507.225 and claiming his first TQ of the weekend. Many drivers behind him had mistakes and crashes which allowed our fastest man in the second from top heat, Pekko IIVONEN, to take second in round!

RankPilotPoints TotalPoints per RunCountryModel
1Michal ORLOWSKI1553:155 [1:1522:1514:]PLSchumacher
2Jörn NEUMANN1551:155 [2:1553:1464:]DESchumacher
3Marcus KAERUP1531:153 [2:1503:1404:]DKAE B6.3
4Micha WIDMAIER1532:153 [3:1521:1484:]DESworkz
5Pekko IIVONEN1533:153 [2:1471:1444:]FISchumacher
6Joona HAATANEN1522:152 [1:1493:1454:]FIAssociated
7Burak KILIC1511:151 [2:1493:1474:]TRYokomo
8Juan Carlos CANAS 1513:151 [1:1472:1424:]ESSworkz
9Elias JOHANSSON1501:150 [3:1502:1484:]SESerpent
10Daniel KOBBEVIK1493:149 [1:1462:1464:]NOSchumacher
Overall standings after round 3 of 2wd qualifying

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