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EOS 10 – Round 1 Gottingen- 1630hrs 2wd Qualifying 2

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Live video feed – https://www.youtube.com/eurorcseries
Official Euro Offroad Series website – http://www.eurorcseries.com/eos/
Who writes this nonsense? – http://www.racewayone.com
The timing and results – https://www.myrcm.ch/myrcm/main?dId[E]=62588#
The galleries – click here

We were very busy writing the Round 1 report as Round 2 of Stock Truck and 2wd 13.5 were running, so we will catch up with the buggies in the next round – and here is the Trucks.

In the 2wd Modified section, things are starting to tighten up. Several of the top competitors have adapted their set up to close the gap on Jorn NEUMANN’s Round 1 pace. The top heat settled into an order and then became a procession. It must be said that it was Micha WIDMAIER’s car which looked the most consistent and Marcus KAERUP’s which looked like it had the most potential to take it to the next level. Marcus has learnt well from his Dad who has been racing forever!

PosNr.Pilot NrPilotILapsEndtimeBesttimeMediumtime
11Jörn NEUMANN135:09.06723.47323.774
22Micha WIDMAIER135:10.78923.20523.906
38Joona HAATANEN135:11.74223.80223.980
43Michal ORLOWSKI135:11.78723.46123.983
54Marcus KAERUP135:11.97323.58423.997
67Burak KILIC135:13.23723.66324.095
75Elias JOHANSSON135:15.51723.42524.270
810Elliott BOOTS125:01.13323.53525.094
99Juan Carlos CANAS CARRASCO125:01.88523.67225.157
106Aaron RÖNICK125:09.79423.61825.816
2wd Modified Q2 top heat results

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