July 16, 2024


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EOS 10 – Round 1 Gottingen- 2000hrs 2wd Qualifying 4

Qualifying has wrapped up here at the first round of the new Euro Offroad Series Season from ORC-B Gottingen, Germany. Although a few of us were skeptical, the track has proven to be more than suitable for the event and technically challenging whilst maintaining a flow. Overtaking is hard, but definitely possible if not probable in places.

Just because these trucks have 13.5 LRP motors does not mean that they are slow or uncompetitive – they go very well around the technical track. Mirko MORGENSTERN [DE] dominated the class all day and as they say, it is now his to lose. Eberhard BECK [DE] is nearly matching Mirko on one lap pace, but will need clean finals to challenge for the overall win. Daniel MANNHART [DE] rounds out the top three for the grid at tomorrow’s A mains.

RankPilotPoints TotalPoints per RunCountry
1Mirko MORGENSTERN3102:1554:155 [1:1553:155]DE
2Eberhard BECK3062:1534:153 [1:1533:153]DE
3Daniel MANNHART3042:1521:152 [4:1523:152]CH
4Olaf STEIN3022:1514:151 [1:1513:151]DE
5Frank GOLUEKE3004:1503:150 [1:1492:0]DE
6Daniel HÜNI3002:1501:150 [4:1493:149]CH
7Peter HOLLFELDER2972:1494:148 [1:1483:148]DE

The 2wd Stock class is the other one also using the LRP 13.5 turn motors and similarly it is being dominated by just one driver – Sören SPARBIER [DE] has won every round of qualifying and will start tomorrow’s A-mains from a very secure position. In round 4 he finished just 6 seconds ahead of Jarno SILTANEN [FI] who could challenge if he puts on clean runs during the final.

RankPilotPoints TotalPoints per RunCountry
1Sören SPARBIER3101:1552:155 [4:1553:155]DE
2Jarno SILTANEN3062:1534:153 [1:1513:147]FI
3Tim BENSON3061:1533:153 [2:1524:147]DE
4Aaron WAITZ3044:1521:152 [3:1522:135]DE
5Mirko MORGENSTERN3022:1513:151 [4:1511:150]DE
6Dean BURBACH3004:1503:150 [2:1491:148]DE
7Sven RUDIG2982:1504:148 [1:1463:134]DE
8Rene LEVETZOW2984:1493:149 [1:1472:146]AT
9Yves HONEGGER2961:1492:147 [4:1453:145]CH
10Thorsten SCHMITZ2932:1481:145 [3:1434:0]DE

So before I tell you about round 4 of 2wd qualifying – let’s recap on where everyone is. Jorn NEUMANN [DE] secured Round 1 and Round 2 of qualifying. Michal ORLOWSI [PL] has brought speed to challenge Jorn with a TQ run in Round 3 – paired with his best score in the other two rounds it leaves him second with one round to go. Marcus KAERUP [DK] sits in third overall and will be keeping his eye on Joona Haatenan [FI] who is also on a late charge.

The state of play made Round 4 of 2wd qualifying very interesting. The heat started with some very close racing between Jorn and Michal with Joona a few seconds behind on track but running a very similar time on the stagger. Jorn managed to get alongside Michal through the tight section on the left side of the track and there was no choice but for Michal to yield. The two continued to circulate at a very fast pace and in very close proximity, but the momentary slowing during the pass had allowed Joona take up the lead of the heat. Then an unforced error from Michal – a tumble at the end of the undulating back straight. This gave Jorn a break, but Joona still lead the heat and Michal was hard charging in third. Now for the surprise – 9 laps in, Jorn touched a high speed corner marking and broke into a barrel roll, the car damaged, and a mandatory early exit from the heat. Whilst that was going on Michal was putting in incredibly fast laps and he managed to just eek passed Joona two laps from the end – winning the heat by only 0.5 seconds and taking his second TQ. Marcus KAERUP [DE] rounding out the top three only 1.5 seconds adrift. Jorn and Michal with two TQ’s each – Michal takes it on fastest time.

RankPilotPoints TotalPoints per RunCountryModel
1Michal ORLOWSKI3103:1554:155 [1:1522:151]PLSchumacher
2Jörn NEUMANN3101:1552:155 [3:1464:119]DESchumacher
3Joona HAATANEN3054:1532:152 [1:1493:145]FIAssociated
4Marcus KAERUP3051:1534:152 [2:1503:140]DKAssociated
5Micha WIDMAIER3052:1533:152 [4:1491:148]DESworkz
6Pekko IIVONEN3033:1534:150 [2:1471:144]FISchumacher
7Elias JOHANSSON3014:1511:150 [3:1502:148]SESerpent
8Burak KILIC3001:1512:149 [3:1474:147]TRYokomo
9Juan Carlos CANAS CARRASCO2983:1511:147 [2:1424:135]ESSworkz
10Daniel KOBBEVIK2973:1494:148 [1:1462:146]NOSchumacher

The 2wd Finals start at 9am local time tomorrow morning….