July 16, 2024


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BRCA R2 Southport – 2wd Qualifying Round 4

Round 4 of 2wd qualifying proved to be the most exciting yet with several drivers having a stab at grabbing pole position.

In heat 10 Josh Holdsworth had two mistakes during his run, but still managed a very quick time of 14/305.80. Earlier in the day that would have been considered good enough for TQ, but in the slightly cooler conditions the track has become faster – so at least a 14/303 will be required we think. Josh going 5th in round and 6th in the overall battle for TQ.

In heat 11, all eyes were on Lee Martin. Lee has enough speed to take TQ, but has not had too many clean runs today. Two tiny mistakes on what would have been a very quick run was only enough to yield 14/305.26 and fourth in round.

2022 BRCA 1/10th Offroad National Championships

Round 2 – Southport – 21/22 May 2022

Battle for TQ….

If you’ve been paying attention you will realise that all three top positions will come from heat 12. An early mistake from Cragg allowed Crompton to lead the heat with Ben Smith in tow. Cragg though managed to summon some incredible pace to set some blistering laptimes to draw up to the back of Crompton – nothing between the two on a very fast pace. On the last lap a mistake from Crompton cost him 4 seconds – but he still managed to go second in round. Cragg taking the Round 4 TQ with a 14/300.10 – some three seconds quicker than anyone else all day. Ben Smith also having a fast run to go third in round.

Overall 2wd qualifying points….

1Neil Cragg0 [0 (5) (8) 0]14/300.10
2Luke Holdsworth2 [2 0 (9) (8)]14/303.07
3Paul Crompton2 [(3) (2) 0 2]14/303.28
4Lee Martin6 [(4) (4) 2 4]14/305.23
5Ben Smith6 [(5) (6) 3 3]14/305.24
6Josh Holdsworth7 [(40) 3 4 (5)]14/305.91
7Ben Pugh12 [(7) 7 5 (13)]14/307.21
8Tommy Hall13 [(11) (10) 7 6]14/305.98
9Jamie Hall13 [(10) (8) 6 7]14/307.75
10Edward Callan16 [6 (50) (16) 10]14/316.29

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