June 23, 2024


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BRCA R2 Southport – 2wd Qualifying Round 3

Here at RacewayOne, we don’t always get it right, actually we get it wrong most of the time – so when we get it really right you’re going to hear about it….. in stereo…. via a bullhorn.

If you’ve read our 2wd qualifying round 2 report you will have noted that we thought that Paul Crompton was the only real threat to a qualifying round win and -woohoo! – we were right. Crompton is visually fast on track – but he running at 101% with plenty of bobbles and 2 wheel moments.

Three horse race…

In heat 12 there was initially a very tight battle between Crompton, Luke Holdsworth and Neil Cragg. Cragg leading on the clock was the first to falter, followed by Holdsworth and then Crompton. Crompton having the fastest of champions rolls to lose almost no time. Ben Smith was having a clean and extremely fast run and after the mid point of the heat was sitting second behind a recovering Crompton. Smith pushed Crompton all the way, but couldnt recover from his slow start to the heat – still enough for third in round.

2022 BRCA 1/10th Offroad National Championships

Round 2 – Southport – 21/22 May 2022

In heat 11, the other driver who’s pace is worthy of the front row is Lee Martin. Lee got off to a slow start this morning, but has been opening the taps in dramatic style as the qualifying round progress. In round 3 he was laying down pin point perfet laps before an error left him on his roof – losing 4 or so seconds only. Ben Pugh was able to draw up to the back of Martin, but the later resettled quickly and resumed banging out seriously quick laps. At the end of the run, Lee claimed second in round, only two seconds behind Crompton. Ben Pugh going fifth.

Or maybe a four horse race….

Luke Holdsworth, Neil Cragg, Paul Crompton, Lee Martin and a few others all have the pace to take round 4 of qualifying. At the moment the first three have a round each with Holdsworth holding the fastest time.

Conditions have picked up here in Victoria Park with sunny spells and warm conditions. It is probable that the track will get slightly quicker – so nobody has an obvious advantage at this stage.

Overall 2wd qualifying points after round 3

1Luke Holdsworth2 [2 0 (9) (119)]14/303.07
2Paul Crompton2 [(3) 2 0 (119)]14/303.28
3Neil Cragg5 [0 5 (8) (119)]14/305.58
4Lee Martin6 [(4) 4 2 (119)]14/305.23
5Josh Holdsworth7 [(40) 3 4 (119)]14/305.91
6Ben Smith8 [5 (6) 3 (119)]14/305.54
7Ben Pugh12 [(7) 7 5 (119)]14/307.21
8Jamie Hall14 [(10) 8 6 (119)]14/307.75
9Tommy Hall17 [(11) 10 7 (119)]14/308.63
10Chris Evison19 [8 11 (11) (119)]14/319.35
11Edward Callan22 [6 (50) 16 (119)]14/316.29
12Ben Jemison22 [13 9 (23) (119)]14/311.20
13Lloyd Storey22 [9 (13) 13 (119)]14/319.96
14Lewis Hopkins25 [15 (16) 10 (119)]14/314.31
15Phil Sleigh26 [14 12 (43) (119)]14/314.81
16Dominic Nunn26 [12 14 (18) (119)]14/321.57
17Kevin Lee29 [(21) 17 12 (119)]14/314.41
18Tyler Liddle33 [(35) 18 15 (119)]14/315.42
19Danny Mcgee34 [20 (26) 14 (119)]14/314.79
20Andy Woods35 [16 (31) 19 (119)]13/303.60

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