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BRCA R1 – Kidderminster – 4wd Qualifying Round 3

After a disruptive Round 2, most of the drivers who had issues managed to avoid further trouble in Round 3 of 4wd qualifying. Improvements for Luke Holdsworth, William Callan and Danny McGee – all putting in top 10 times. Unfortunately the drivers who did have trouble were the ones at the top of the standings…

The battle for pole

The battle for pole position is an interesting one. There are a handful of drivers who are showing massive pace, but they are all on the ragged edge and mistakes are creeping in. In Heat 7, Michal Orlowski was on to put in the fastest time of the day when an error caused by a tyre becoming debonded cost him about 3.5 seconds – he adapted quickly and recovered well to put in a time of 13/305.50 – which is his slowest qualifier yet. Paul Crompton and Jamie Hall in Heat 8 also had a push on – but the sum of the time lost with little errors cost them. Crompton going 4th in round, Hall going 9th.

2022 BRCA 1/10th Offroad National Championships

Round 1 – Kidderminster – 16/17 April 2022

In Heat 10, Neil Cragg and Tommy Hall set into a seriously quick pace – both on the fringe of a predicted 14 laps. Tommy drew up on the rear of Cragg enough to lead the heat on times, even though not on the track – perhaps only 2 metres between them. The two Associated drivers looked like they were getting every last drop from their cars.

At the mid point of the heat, Cragg had jsut started to pull away from Hall when grip rolled on a high speed double apex bend in the middle of the track requiring the participation of a marshal. This let Hall through who was able to get a few seconds away before Cragg was back on his wheels.

Over the proceeding two minutes, Cragg man small indents into Halls times on every lap, but it was not enough of a difference to catch and pass his teammate. Hall took the heat and the round after managing to be one of the only top competitors with a clean run and no problems.

So with three different TQ winners from three rounds, the winner of qualifying round 4 will take Pole Position for the A Finals.

Top 10 times from round 3 of 4wd qualifying

1Tommy Hall13/302.03
2Neil Cragg13/304.34
3Michal Orlowski13/305.50
4Paul Crompton13/306.36
5Ben Smith13/306.46
6Luke Holdsworth13/306.95
7Edward Callan13/309.25
8Danny Mcgee13/309.54
9Jamie Hall13/310.64
10Phil Sleigh13/311.10

Overall points after Round 3

1Neil Cragg2 [0 (6) 2 (91)]13/302.00
2Tommy Hall2 [2 (2) 0 (91)]13/302.03
3Michal Orlowski3 [3 0 (3) (91)]13/303.06
4Paul Crompton7 [(7) 3 4 (91)]13/305.13
5Josh Holdsworth9 [4 5 (13) (91)]13/304.33
6Lewis Hopkins10 [10 (13) (16) 0]13/316.39
7Jamie Hall10 [6 4 (9) (91)]13/305.86
8Ben Smith10 [5 (7) 5 (91)]13/304.66
9Luke Holdsworth15 [9 (50) 6 (91)]13/306.95
10Ben Pugh16 [8 8 (11) (91)]13/309.36

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