July 12, 2024


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BRCA R1 – Kidderminster – 4wd Qualifying Round 2

Round 2 of 4wd qualifying has failed to scratch the itch we have for outstanding performances – don’t get me wrong – the pace at the sharp end is unreal, but all of the potentially dominant drivers are making errors and having traffic issues which is distorting the overall points table. But it is only round 2 and there are two round to go – hopefully things will improve.

Pushing on

In Heat 7, Michal Orlowski turned the wick up even further. He is substantially quicker than anyone else in heat which sounds great, but it is causing big problems. Although the referee is alerting the back markers to Orlowski’s approach, he is catching them so quickly that there is very little time to react. This is caused Orlowski to be slowed avoiding cars, and sometimes being tagged by other cars, rather then passing them. The Schumacher lead driver managed to improve on his time, but he came off the drivers stand dejected thinking possibly that it wouldn’t be enough – 13/303.06. After the race I spoke to Schumacher’s Engineer Tristam Neal who thought Michal might have elapsed onto a 14 lap run without the back marker issues.

2022 BRCA 1/10th Offroad National Championships

Round 1 – Kidderminster – 16/17 April 2022

Heat 9 mimicked the last round. Josh Holdsworth and Ben Pugh running fast, but with errors. Both drivers settling down in the later stages of the heat to set solid times. 13/306.88 for Holdsworth – good enough for 5th in Round. Pugh on 13/310.59 which put him 10th.

Going into the last heat of the round, Heat 10, Orlowski was still on the top of the time sheets. With Associated teammates Cragg and Tommy Hall in the heat, there was a real chance that Orlowski’s compromised run could be beaten. The heat started well with both drivers setting good times, but towards the mid point, both drivers made a few mistakes which really cost them. Tommy got away lightly, rolling at the end of the straight and landing at the marshals feet. Cragg no so lightly with a barrel roll which left him isolated from the marshal. Orlowski’s time was safe and he retained TQ for the round.

4wd Qualifying Round 2

1Michal Orlowski13/303.06
2Tommy Hall13/304.08
3Paul Crompton13/305.13
4Jamie Hall13/305.86
5Josh Holdsworth13/306.88
6Neil Cragg13/309.95
7Ben Smith13/310.12
8Ben Pugh13/310.59
9Phil Sleigh13/312.14
10Edward Callan13/312.18

Overall Top 10 points table after 2 rounds

1Michal Orlowski3 [3 0 (91) (91)]13/303.06
2Tommy Hall4 [2 2 (91) (91)]13/302.11c
3Neil Cragg6 [0 6 (91) (91)]13/302.00
4Josh Holdsworth9 [4 5 (91) (91)]13/304.33
5Lewis Hopkins10 [10 (13) 0 (91)]13/314.56
6Paul Crompton10 [7 3 (91) (91)]13/305.13
7Jamie Hall10 [6 4 (91) (91)]13/305.86
8Ben Smith12 [5 7 (91) (91)]13/304.66
9Ben Pugh16 [8 8 (91) (91)]13/309.36
10Lloyd Storey24 [13 11 (91) (91)]13/312.44

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