July 16, 2024


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EOS 10 – Round 1 Gottingen- 4wd Qualifying Round 2

We will catch up the the 4wd Stock and Modified Truck class in Round 3.

Having retired from round 1, Michal ORLOWSKI [PL] was a bit of an unknown quantity for Round 2. His car looked super quick and we were not surprised when it was announced that he was leading the heat on lap 2. However, by lap 3 it was Marcus KAERUP [DK] who was leading – so it was obvious that this heat was very competitive. Michal and Marcus swapped ownership of the lead several times, before the former finally claimed in – KAERUP only 0.8 seconds behind. Daniel KOBBEVIK [NO] in third a 1.5 seconds behind.

12Michal ORLOWSKI145:16.15922.23422.582
23Marcus KAERUP145:16.97522.27322.641
37Daniel KOBBEVIK145:18.59722.45522.756
41Jörn NEUMANN145:18.99122.32322.785
55Clement BODA145:20.53122.59722.895
66Micha WIDMAIER135:01.30922.54923.177
74Joona HAATANEN135:04.52022.36223.424
88Juan Carlos CANAS CARRASCO135:09.38522.46023.798
99Elliott BOOTS135:14.37922.74724.183


4wd Stock