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EOS 10 – Round 1 Gottingen- 4wd Qualifying Round 1

The meeting was given 25 minutes to cool down after the 2wd A Mains before 4wd practice started. All competitors got one round of free practice and two timed practice before qualifying started.

4wd Stock

In the 13.5 turn 4wd class there were many familiar names running at the top of the field whom we saw running the 2wd stock class. In round 1 of qualifying Sören SPARBIER [DE] yet again set the pace, 5 seconds ahead of Tim BENSON [DE] who was a futher 7 seconds ahead of Aaron WAITZ [DE].

12Sören SPARBIER135:12.68323.52424.052
21Tim BENSON135:17.83023.43324.448
33Aaron WAITZ135:24.31524.53724.947
45Sven RUDIG135:24.62224.31924.970
57Phil LANGNER125:12.16624.67726.013
64Thorsten SCHMITZ125:18.56624.52226.547
78Rene LEVETZOW115:01.47325.43827.406
89Manuel STANKOWITZ115:06.43625.62027.857
96Dean BURBACHDNS00:00.0000.0000.000

Modified Truck

We were all keen to see what the faster modified trucks would look like on the tight track. They go just fine, but its a very busy lap for them all. Burak KILIC [DE] set a good pace taking Round 1, 4 seconds ahead of Micha WIDMAIER [DE] and Luca RAU [CH] another 1.5 seconds adrift.

13Burak KILIC135:22.28123.96124.790
22Micha WIDMAIER125:03.36623.78425.280
35Luca RAU125:04.91124.80625.409
46Jens BECKER115:00.50825.01027.318
54Sophie MÜLLER115:00.56725.51427.324
67Mirko MORGENSTERN115:03.45726.05427.587
78Eberhard BECK105:30.14528.16656.196
810Frank GOLUEKE105:30.25127.87833.025
99Daniel MANNHART62:54.34927.33429.058
101Jörn NEUMANNDNS00:00.0000.0000.000

4wd Modified

After finishing 3rd in 2wd, Marcus KAERUP [DK] has a very fast and clean run in round 1 of qualifying to take TQ – 4 seconds ahead of the other young gun Daniel KOBBEVIK [NO]. Daniel was the led car in a group of 4 all finishing withing 0.8 seconds. Michal ORLOWSKI retired from the session with a mechanical failure.

13Marcus KAERUP145:16.01822.05122.572
27Daniel KOBBEVIK145:20.08022.52822.862
34Joona HAATANEN145:20.31722.43922.879
46Micha WIDMAIER145:20.61422.37422.901
58Juan Carlos CANAS CARRASCO145:20.93022.30422.923
61Jörn NEUMANN145:22.25822.20023.018
79Elliott BOOTS135:05.70622.41823.515
85Clement BODA135:06.33222.56223.564
92Michal ORLOWSKI10:22.49322.49322.493