June 13, 2024


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BRCA R2 Southport – 4wd Qualifying Round 3

Eventually the predicted rain made landfall and the track got a short and light sprinkling during the early heats in round 3 of 4wd. By heat 4 the track was damp and fast, but far from wet. All of our attention is now on the top heats as TQ could be settled in this round and we are also anticipating somebody making the elusive 16 lap target.

Gaundlet laid down…

In heat 9, Lee Martin set an unreal pace with a string of 19 second laps only diluted by a few fast 20s. He was on for a predicted 16 lap run right till the last lap till he made and error costing him 2 seonds – putting in a 15/301.92. This allowed Ben Smith to take the heat with an equally impressive run – only a fraction shy of target – 15/300.02. The track proving to be just slightly quicker its now dampened.

In heat 10 the crown swelled again to watch Neil Cragg have his attempt at securing TQ. He led from the start with an example of supreme consistency – an average laptime of 19.89 seconds! At last we had a driver on 16 laps in 318.16. Jamie Hall was a considerable distance behind but still managed a 15/304.93 – a time faster than this mornings TQ times!

2022 BRCA 1/10th Offroad National Championships

Round 2 – Southport – 21/22 May 2022

Mainly on the plane…

Heat 11 started off in dry conditions but a couple of minutes in the light drizzle returned. Before the rain, Tommy Hall went off like lightening and was showing a predicted time some three seconds faster than Cragg, but that was cut short by the reduced track condition. Commentator Mark Musgrove called lap times as they tumbled – first to slow 19s, then into the 20s and then nearly 21s. Paul Crompton kept it clean and put in 15/303.50 – unbelievable considering the conditions whilst Hall recorded 15/305.41.

This secures TQ for Neil Cragg….

Top 10 overall after Qualifying Round 3….

1Neil Cragg0 [(0) 0 0 (104)]16/318.16
2Ben Smith4 [(3) 2 2 (104)]15/300.02
3Tommy Hall5 [2 3 (6) (104)]15/302.67
4Lee Martin7 [4 (6) 3 (104)]15/301.92
5Paul Crompton8 [(59) 4 4 (104)]15/303.35
6Jamie Hall10 [(5) 5 5 (104)]15/303.96
7Tyler Liddle14 [7 7 (13) (104)]15/307.56
8Ben Jemison15 [6 9 (93) (104)]15/309.54
9Luke Holdsworth15 [8 (10) 7 (104)]15/306.57
10Matthew Thompson17 [9 8 (94) (104)]15/308.70

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