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Yokomo Workshop at MB Raceway


report, photos & videos courtesy of Stu Wood

Saturday 10th of February 2024 was the first Yokomo Workshop held at the World Famous MB Raceway in Leeds, England.

This indoor track is owned by the one and only Michael Ball of MB Models and I think, the only permanent 10th race track in the UK (but I could be wrong).

So, Summer 2023, Stu Wood heard that customers were leaving the Yokomo brand due to a lack of support/advice while at the track (not parts), so he started to think and chat with his friends about how they could help. Stu spoke with Michael Ball at MB Models about holding some sort of workshop day at his venue as they are the distributors for Yokomo in the UK and it would work really well.

Now, Stu Wood has been around for a while if you don’t know him, he has a long history with RC going back 30+ years and has helped many brands with development. Team Xray, Team Ansmann, Team Schumacher, MCD (5th scale Off Road) and Elcon Models (5th scale Off Road). He has had a few good results to go along with that as he has been multiple Regional Champion, National winner, National Champion and 3rd at the European Championships.

December 2023 now, Stu and Michael have come together and penciled in a date for said event. 10th Feb 2024 and now the work starts. Stu then speaks with his friends Neil Burdess to organise the timing, Peter Hastings and Chris Foster for helping with set up advice. Stu also manages to include his Daughter Lilli-Ann to design the banner.

Stu has held smaller set up days with local drivers at the local club but not for this amount of people so he really needed the help and his friends definitely helped.

Saturday 10th February 2024 is now happening and nearly 60 drivers turn up for this fantastic opportunity to learn a little more to help with their driving and set up. It was a brilliant atmosphere and everybody was laughing and joking and just enjoying the day with like minded people all driving the same brand.

Lunch time came and the organisers even supplied Pizza for everyone so again it brought people together. Brilliant.

Michael Ball again pulled a surprise to the group. He printed off a Yokomo sticker sheet for everyone plus put a small package for the young drivers which included a set of wheels and tyres, inserts, tyre glue and some wheel nuts. Thank you Michael.

Anyway, back to the track. Everyone had plenty of track time and most had some sort of time with Stu, Pete and Chris going through set ups and adjustments on transmitters and ESC’s etc and improved lap time and consistency plus had a laugh at the same time.

At the end, everyone was happy with full bellies and came away asking when the next event was being held.

Stu would like to say a big thank you to Michael Ball and the crew at MB Models for having us for the day, Pete Hasting and Chris Foster for set up advice and Neil Burdess for sitting on the computer all day looking after the laps and most of all, to all the people that took time to come to this event and be open to learning new things and ideas.