June 13, 2024


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Orlowski is 2wd Top Seed for qualifying….

Seeding for the 2wd section of the event was based on drivers best two consecutive laps this morning from one round of timed practice only. Michal Orlowski for Schumacher set the pace – some commenting that the Cougar LD3 has more rotation at the apex than most of the other brands at the front. If there is an advantage, Orlowski capitalised on it and is the topseed.

2wd Modified top 20 after seeding practice (2 best consecutive laps)….

1Michal ORLOWSKI0:36.7661PLSchumacher Cougar LD3
2Daniel KOBBEVIK0:37.1051NOSchumacher Cougar LD3
3Bartosz ZALEWSKI0:37.3181PLXray XB2
4Joona HAATANEN0:37.3491FITeam Associated RC10B7
5Jörn NEUMANN0:37.3851DESWORKz S12-2C EVO
6Micha WIDMAIER0:37.3881ATSWORKz S12-2C EVO
7Tommy HALL0:37.4051GBTeam Associated RC10B7
8Marcus KAERUP0:37.4491DKTeam Associated RC10B7
9Alexander LANDÉN0:37.5171SETeam Associated RC10B7
10Davide ONGARO0:37.7231ITTeam Associated RC10B7
11Elias JOHANSSON0:37.8501SESchumacher Cougar LD3
12Ben SMITH0:37.9191GBSchumacher Cougar LD3
13Max GÖTZL0:37.9711CZXRAY XB2
14Jesper RASMUSSEN0:38.1581DKTeam Associated RC10B7
15David RONNEFALK0:38.1971SEXray XB2
16Noha BEN MOHAMED0:38.2061FRXray XB2
17Aaron KOTHMANN0:38.2301USunspec
18Jamie HALL0:38.2471GBTeam Associated RC10B7
19Clement BODA0:38.3451FRSWORKz S12-2C EVO
20Hampus BERG0:38.4401SEXray XB2

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