June 23, 2024


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EOS10 R3 Daun – Final Report


Broc Champlin and Michal Orlowski take the top spots at Daun, Germany

Boundaries have been broken at the Euro Offroad Series regarding what is typically accepted as the “norm”. Up until last weekend, it was not normal for a visitor from outside of Europe to achieve a podium on their first visit, it was not the norm for them to win multiple rounds of qualifying and it certainly wasn’t normal that a competitor from the US would dominate all rounds of qualifying and the first two A Mains!

On the weekend of February 3-5, the Euro Offroad Series descended onto the Sport Hotel Grafenwald in the small town of Daun in western Germany. The hotel is centred around a chalet village and health spa and at the top end of the facility is an indoor tennis hall containing several courts providing plenty of space for a large track and pit area. 570 class entries define this round of the series as one of the largest 1/10th offroad race meetings in Europe… ever! Racing is back!

This year the track was designed by Pavel Ntkovca from Race Stars Poland. The RC and Graffiti mega-fan has combined his passions to produce scale graffiti style drawings of racetracks which are now being actually built with great results. Pavel and his team spent most of the Thursday – right into the early hours of Friday morning – putting the track together with a great eye for attention to detail such as sponsors logos in paint and contrasting inlays in the track’s dead-zones.

The track had flow but was tight with minimal overtaking opportunities.

Scotty put in around over 35 hours of announcing in 3 days!

Once again, the linchpin of the series, Scotty Ernst, had travelled from the USA to race announce the event over the three days. Scotty had just welcomed a new grand child into the world a few days earlier, so we are very appreciative that he found the time to be with us in Daun. Behind the scenes there were some changes to the structure of the EOS Media team. Hanno van den Boogaard was in charge of the live stream with an array of cameras and Scotty’s tones piped in. The ETS Media team, Patrick & Oli, stayed on after their own event to handle the EOS website – filling it with qualifying and A Mains reports covering all the classes whilst RacewayOne’s William White and Tom Cockerill gathered photos and driver interviews. The enlarged team was working together for the first time, and we all feel that a big leap forward has been made.

Driver interviews are a welcome addition to the EOS Media offering.

Drivers and mechanics arrived at the doors of the hall at 6am on the Friday morning in preparation for a 7am start with heat 1 of Stock Truck. Two rounds of practice and seeding practice as well as three rounds of qualifying all followed on the Friday – the last qualifier running at 10.40pm – resulting in an extremely long day. The Stock Truck, 2wd 13.5 and 2wd Mod classes all going first over the initial day and a half. Mod Truck, 4wd Stock and 4wd Mod to follow on from Saturday lunchtime.

In 2wd Mod, fastest practice times were initially set by 4wd European Champion Marcus Kaerup. The Danish teenager has a wealth of experience around him including dad Jonas, a former Euro Champ himself, and of course Craig Drescher who won many Euro titles over an extensive period in the 1990’s. Marcus is combining his extreme natural talent with the knowledge and experience of the older guys to challenge from the front. Recent Schumacher recruit Lee Martin was also impressing by going second fastest. Lee having had very little time with the new cars looked right at home and even looked like he would be right there come Saturday lunchtime. Micha Widmaier for Sworkz is always very fast at EOS events and this time was no different. The German driver looks at home running with the large collection of Euro and World champs present and his day is surely coming.

Micha Widmaier was a contender all weekend

With Practice done it was time for qualifying. The Stock Truck class proved to be very close with Christian Wukonig taking two TQ’s to Jens Becker’s one. Kai Konig securing third on the grid for the A Mains. The track is tight and twisty which makes for hard work for the stadium trucks.

RankNr.PilotPoints TotalPoints per RunCountry
1Christian WUKONIG3102:1551:155 [3:152]AT
2Jens BECKER3083:1551:153 [2:152]DE
3Kai KÖNIG3052:1531:152 [3:145]DE
4Martin WALLISCH 3033:1531:150 [2:149]DE
5Philipp MÄRZINGER3022:1513:151 [1:149]AT
6Marco BRIERS2991:1512:148 [3:147]BE
7Frank WAKAN2992:1503:149 [1:146]DE
8Thomas ERNY2983:1501:148 [2:147]DE
9Jo DEGEEST2933:1481:145 [2:140]BE
10Silvio PIETROBONI2931:1472:146 [3:144]CH

The 2wd Stock class also proved to be close in qualifying. Just one single point between top qualifier Mick Burbach and second place driver Matus Benetin with a TQ each. The two Xray drivers were very hard charging and there was nothing between them at most points over the weekend. Simon Stegmaier took third place on the grid but without a TQ. The remaining TQ driver was Aleš BidovskÝ back in 5th just behind Wouter Wynen.

RankPilotPoints TotalPoints per RunCountry
1Mick BURBACH3082:1553:153 [1:152]DE
2Matus BENETIN3071:1552:152 [3:149]SK
3Simon STEGMEIER3032:1533:150 [1:149]DE
4Wouter WYNEN3033:1522:151 [1:148]BE
5Aleš BIDOVSKÝ3023:1552:147 [1:144]CZ
6Sören SPARBIER3011:1512:150 [3:128]DE
7Tim DÜBEL2993:1512:148 [1:139]DE
8Andy WOODS2981:1503:148 [2:146]GB
9Laurent JESUS2971:1533:144 [2:139]FR
10Jonas MARTENS2962:1493:147 [1:135]BE

2wd Mod was a slightly different story. US visitor Broc Champlin kept on putting in fast and mistake free runs. The other drivers were having a little trouble matching his consistency. Broc’s car looked very good, but no better than his team-mates cars. Broc was noticeably faster in the air than his competition – landing the car at the correct place lap after lap. Micha Widmaier put in rapid but flawed runs to present himself as the closest challenger – qualifying second on the grid. And Lee Martin built on his practice pace to secure third place for the action packed A Mains.

RankPilotPoints TotalPoints per RunCountry
1Broc Champlin3103:1552:155 [1:155]US
2Micha WIDMAIER3052:1531:152 [3:148]DE
3Lee MARTIN3041:1533:151 [2:150]GB
4Michal ORLOWSKI3033:1522:151 [1:144]PL
5Marcus KAERUP3013:1531:148 [2:24]DK
6Tommy HALL2972:1521:145 [3:26]GB
7Alexander LANDÉN2973:1502:147 [1:138]SE
8Daniel KOBBEVIK2973:1492:148 [1:142]NO
9Martin BAYER2961:1502:146 [3:145]CZ
10Jörn NEUMANN2952:1493:146 [1:22]DE

All of the A Mains were turbulent. Overtaking was tough and opportunities were rare.

STOCK TRUCK A1 – All drivers got off the line without any issues and the entire field was pushing hard in the very first lap of the race. TQ Christian Wukonig was leading, and behind him it was Jens Becker who made the first costly mistake of the race as he rolled his truck after getting it wrong after the ToniSport back side double. Kai König took full advantage of it and moved up to second place – only to make the same mistake as Becker in the next lap. In the front, Christian Wukonig had a huuuuge lead and the fight for positions 2 to 5 got very hot some seconds behind him. Wukonig made no mistake and brought home a comfortable win by 4.5 seconds from Kai König and Philipp Märzinger.

STOCK TRUCK A2 – In the second Stock Truck A-Main, Christian Wukonig looked like a real winner. He had a decent lead ahead of the competition until he crashed in the very last lap handing the win to a hard pushing Philipp Märzinger. With Wukonig and Märzinger having both won one final now, we will see the decision for the overall win coming down to the third and last Stock Truck A-Main.

STOCK TRUCK A3 – The last leg in the Stock Truck class was a great show of RC racing. Christian Wukonig had a good start (same as in A1 and A2) and was leading the field after a lot of carnage going on behind him. But as the run got closer to the end, Wukonig made some small mistakes and Märzinger went by. He won the race ahead of Wukonig, but the overall win went to Wukonig on the tie breaker. Kai König finished third overall on the podium.

The overall championship of the Stock Truck class goes to Olaf Stein, in front of Eberhard Beck, and Daniel Mannhart – congratulations guys!

RankNr.FinalPilotPoints TotalPoints per RunCountry
1AChristian WUKONIG31:12:2 [3:2]AT
2AKai KÖNIG33:11:2 [2:7]DE
3APhilipp MÄRZINGER42:11:3 [3:6]AT
4AJens BECKER62:33:3 [1:4]DE
5AFrank WAKAN93:42:5 [1:5]DE
6AMartin WALLISCH 112:43:7 [1:7]DE
7AThomas ERNY113:52:6 [1:9]DE
8AMarco BRIERS141:63:8 [2:8]BE
9ASilvio PIETROBONI171:83:9 [2:9]CH
10AJo DEGEEST203:101:10 [2:10]BE

Stock Truck Podium – Konig 2nd, Wukonig 1st, Marzinger 2nd

EOS10 Series Podium, Beck 2nd, Stein 1st, Mannhart 3rd

2WD STOCK A1 – The first 2WD Stock Buggy A-Main was a great race to watch. Mick Burback had a good start from first place, but everybody else got off the line good as well and the field was racing as they had qualified until Matus Benetin made a mistake on the ToniSport back side double. But Matus was able to close his gap to Burbach to 0.5 of a second again until the 2-minute mark of the race. Then it was race leader Mick Burback making a small mistake in the infield section of the track and Benetin took over the lead to hand it back to Burbach again one lap afterwards. Benetin dropped back to third spot and Wouter Wynen had inherited the second place. A thrilling first final race saw Mick Burbach crossing the line 2.9 seconds ahead of Wouter Wynen in second, and Matus benetin in third place. Jonas Martens had a strong race and worked his way from 10th on the grid up fourth place. Simon Stegmeier finished fifth.

2WD STOCK A2 – Mick Burbach continued where he stopped in A1 – with converting a pole position into a win. He was leading the race fir the entire 5 minutes and had a descent run on the very challenging and flowing EOS racetrack. Matus Benetin was on a slightly faster pace (when looking on the fastest lap), but his medium time was a bit slower and therefore he could not challenge TQ Burbach for the win this time. However, Matus Benetin finished second in A2 and has the best chances to take the runner up spot here in Daun.

Congratulations for the overall win to Mick Burbach. It is the second EOS win of his career and the first one for his new Xray team.

2WD STOCK A3 – Matus Benetin won the last A-Main here in Daun. After a perfect drive he crossed the finish line in first place with Wouter Wynen and Ales Bidowsky right behind him. The overall result will see them on the podium beside race winner Mick Burbach as well.

The overall 2WD Stock Buggy championship goes to René Levetzow who was not in attendance here in Daun. He won the title with his two race results from Göttingen and Worksop – congratulations champ! Sven Rudig and Sören Sparbier completed the season in the top 3 beside Levetzow.

RankFinalPilotPoints TotalPoints per RunCountry
1AMick BURBACH22:11:1 [3:10]DE
2AMatus BENETIN33:12:2 [1:3]SK
3AWouter WYNEN43:21:2 [2:10]BE
4AAndy WOODS72:33:4 [1:6]GB
5AJonas MARTENS81:42:4 [3:9]BE
6AAleš BIDOVSKÝ103:31:7 [2:9]CZ
7ASimon STEGMEIER102:51:5 [3:5]DE
8ALaurent JESUS142:61:8 [3:8]FR
9ATim DÜBEL143:62:8 [1:9]DE
10ASören SPARBIER142:73:7 [1:10]DE

2wd Stock Podium – Benetin 2nd, Burbach 1st, Wynen 3rd

2wd Stock Series Podium – Ruddig 3rd, Levetov 1st, Sparbier 3rd

2WD MODIFIED A1 – At the start of the 2wd Mod A Final there was tension in the air. The American visitor had come and stuck it on pole on his first attempt at a Euro Offroad Series event – an event where the best and most match fit Europeans come to do battle on what is known as EOS carpet. The tension would only dissipate if a European won which was a tall order based on Broc’s qualifying performance. The first Leg of the 2wd A Main got off to a pacey start. Champlin cleared the first two corners without issue whilst behind, Micha Widmaier turned into the first hairpin too early resulting in a correction and time lost. With the field slightly backed up behind Widmaier, Champlin was starting to build a break only a half a lap in. A second mistake from Widmaier over the 90° tabletop opened a gap for Lee Martin to step up to second. With the first couple of laps done, things started to settle down. Champlin out in front a building a buffer with Martin and the chasing pack pushing hard. The buffer was helped when Lee Martin did a rail-ride in the middle of track loosing a little bit of time and allowing Michael Orlowski through to second, the field spread evenly behind with 2 minutes down. Orlowski’s push on to catch Champlin was short lived when he turned in too early for the hairpin after the centre jump and got stuck facing the pipe, isolated from the marshal – Martin back to second, Landen third and Kobbevik fourth, Champlin now with a huge lead! With just a minute to go, Champlin had checked out leading Landen, Martin and Kobbevik to fight for second. An over exuberant Kobbevik punting Martin at the Apex and knocking him over onto his roof. Kobbevik realising the error sat and waited for Martin to be marshalled but a mixture of hits from passing cars and ineffective marshalling relegated him all the way back to ninth with the treat of being lapped by Champlin now a strong possibility. Martin Bayer who had inherited third place was pushing hard to catch Alexander Landen with a hard charging Orlowski behind him in fourth. The mistakes and errors for all of the field except Champlin continued to mount as he worked his way through the backmarkers. As the buzzer rang, Champlin took the leg with Landen in second, Bayer third and Orlowski coming home third.

11Broc CHAMPLIN175:06.51517.70718.044
27Alexander LANDÉN175:10.25917.84518.227
39Martin BAYER175:15.13817.77218.480
44Michal ORLOWSKI175:15.25417.25918.492
55Marcus KAERUP175:17.05617.48318.385
68Daniel KOBBEVIK165:05.57017.83719.100
710Jörn NEUMANN165:06.00617.58119.096
83Lee MARTIN165:06.19217.83219.146
92Micha WIDMAIER165:06.77217.65118.954
106Tommy HALL165:07.50317.89619.124

Champlin on his way to Leg 1 victory

2WD MODIFIED A2 – Leg 2 got off to a smoother but more closely packed start. Champlin out in front with Widmaier close behind and Orlowski getting passed Martin for third midway through the first lap. The first three started to breakaway with nothing between them pace wise, but that pace was furious. Widmaier initially started to close the gap to Champlin with Orlowski in tow, however a proceeding slower lap left Champlin with breathing room and Orlowski working on a move to take second at the soonest opportunity. The three protagonists ran in very close proximity for the following two minutes – some would say dangerously close. With a 90 seconds to go, Widmaier was making several tiny mistakes on each lap, but there just wasn’t an opportunity for Orlowski to get by. Then Widmaier tagged the second hairpin after the straight leaving his car partially beached and Orlowski through. Marcus Kaerup would now slot in behind a recovering Widmaier in fourth.  Into the final minute there were further incidents. Kaerup passed Widmaier and then a mistake on the back jump from Orlowski put Kaerup on his back bumper. Shortly after, Orlowski jumped short on a small double resulting in a flip and Kaerup through to second with Widmaier back to third – Champlin out in front looking good for his second win and the 2wd event. The drivers raced to the finish – final order Champlin, Kaerup, Widmaier.

11Broc Champlin175:01.24917.50217.701
25Marcus KAERUP175:04.13617.21017.790
32Micha WIDMAIER175:04.53417.40217.895
44Michal ORLOWSKI175:05.44617.35117.910
58Daniel KOBBEVIK175:08.31417.59918.080
67Alexander LANDÉN175:09.22217.71618.148
73Lee MARTIN175:09.60717.55318.141
86Tommy HALL175:10.43717.62318.224
99Martin BAYER175:12.27117.63918.119
1010Jörn NEUMANN175:12.76517.44418.333

Champlin took A1 & A2 for the overall 2wd win

2WD MODIFIED A3 – With Broc Champlin having won A1 & A2 and the overall 2wd event, he sat out A3 to allow the remaining drivers do battle for the remaining podium places. Micha Widmaier led the field away with Lee Martin and Michael Orlowski behind. It took three laps of tight racing before the first major incident occurred. Coming into the large centre jump, Lee Martin in second did a rail-ride on the track marking and in reaction, Michal Orlowski deferred offline to avoid him. This subsequently caused him to under jump the roll off the track – on his roof and isolated from the marshal. Widmaier now had a healthy lead ahead of Kaerup, Hall and Martin battling for second with two minutes down. For the following few laps, Kaerup made big gains on Widmaier – the speed difference was obvious. Kaerup was just getting into range to apply pressure when Widmaier flopped on the 90° tabletop allowing Kaerup through. Kaerup was then able to built a good gap to Widmaier in second who was being pushed on by Lee Martin. They ran in that order till race end a minute later.

15Marcus KAERUP175:04.23617.51617.791
22Micha WIDMAIER175:05.80217.60717.982
33Lee MARTIN175:06.07017.58317.960
47Alexander LANDÉN175:09.88817.80718.170
58Daniel KOBBEVIK175:11.93517.60818.290
64Michal ORLOWSKI175:12.69017.48318.348
79Martin BAYER175:13.07817.70018.348
810Jörn NEUMANN175:14.96317.64718.458
96Tommy HALL123:45.32317.72318.745
101Broc ChamplinDNS00:00.0000.0000.000

Overall 2wd Modified Result:

RankNr.FinalPilotPoints TotalPoints per RunCountry
1ABroc Champlin22:11:1 [3:10]US
2AMarcus KAERUP33:12:2 [1:5]DK
3AMicha WIDMAIER53:22:3 [1:9]DE
4AAlexander LANDÉN61:23:4 [2:6]SE
5AMichal ORLOWSKI82:41:4 [3:6]PL
6ALee MARTIN103:32:7 [1:8]GB
7AMartin BAYER101:33:7 [2:9]CZ
8ADaniel KOBBEVIK102:53:5 [1:6]NO
9AJörn NEUMANN151:73:8 [2:10]DE
10ATommy HALL172:83:9 [1:10]GB

2wd Podium, Kaerup 3rd, Champlin 1st, Widmaier 2nd

Although Broc Champlin dominated the EOS at Daun, it was his Schumacher teammate Michal Orlowski who claimed the EOS title for Series 10 – 2022/2023. Well done to Michal and the other podium finishers.

EOS Series 10 2wd Series Podium – Kaerup 3rd, Orlowski 1st, Martin 2nd

With the 2wd portion of the event now over it was time for lunch on Saturday and the commencement of the 4wd section of the meeting. In the Modified Truck category, it was Jorn Neumann who set the pace in practice ahead of Martin Bayer and Micha Widmaier. The category is attracting quite a few of the highest quality drivers, so several tight battles were expected in qualifying. In 4wd Stock, it was Simon Stegmeier who set the initial pace in practice with Eliad Jordan and Aaron Waitz on his tail. Practice for the 4wd Modified section was very close. Michal Orlowski went fastest with Marcus Kaerup just behind and Jorn Neumann in third. The second portion of the event proving equally as competitive as the first.

In the Modified Truck qualifying it was all about Jorn Neumann. The German driver has lots of pace and rarely threatened by closest rival Martin Bayer. Neumann took all three rounds of qualifying as Bayer and Widmaier battled for the second position on the grid – Bayer coming out on top. Max Gotzl was always in the chasing pack managing fourth on the grid.

RankNr.PilotPoints TotalPoints per RunCountry
1Jörn NEUMANN3102:1553:155 [1:155]DE
2Martin BAYER3061:1533:153 [2:151]CZ
3Micha WIDMAIER3042:1533:151 [1:151]DE
4Max GÖTZL3042:1521:152 [3:149]CZ
5William VENABLES3013:1522:149 [1:149]GB
6Burak KILIC3003:1502:150 [1:147]TR
7Sophie MÜLLER2971:1503:147 [2:144]DE
8Stefan SIDLER2962:1483:148 [1:145]CH
9Jens BECKER2932:1471:146 [3:146]DE
10Christian WUKONIG2921:1483:144 [2:140]AT

In the 4wd Stock section, there were some familiar names at the top from the 2wd stock section. Soren Soarbier got off to a slow start, but managed to take round 2 and round 3 of qualifying to secure pole position. Initially fastest in round 1 was Matus Benetin who combined a round 2 time to take second on the grid discarding a non start in round 3. Simon Stegmeier kept his great practice performance going to take third on the grid.

RankNr.PilotPoints TotalPoints per RunCountry
1Sören SPARBIER3103:1552:155 [1:152]DE
2Matus BENETIN3081:1552:153 [3:112]SK
3Simon STEGMEIER3063:1531:153 [2:150]DE
4Benedikt HEITZER3033:1522:151 [1:151]DE
5Sascha FRÜHWIRTH3022:1523:150 [1:147]DE
6Stefan MATAS2982:1491:149 [3:147]DE
7Sven RUDIG2973:1492:148 [1:145]DE
8Aaron WAITZ2961:1503:146 [2:145]DE
9Elias JORDAN2953:1512:144 [1:128]DE
10Olivier DE MONTFUMAT2943:1482:146 [1:146]FR

After the two rounds of practice, we saw two rounds of 4WD Buggy and Modified Truck qualifying at the Sporthotel Grafenwald. In our report we will inform you quickly about the Q1 and Q2 results in each of the classes here at EOS RD3.  In the opening round of 4WD Modified Buggy, it was Pekko Iivonen who had to stop his car after some technical issues in the second fastest group. He was on a great pace and would have scored good points. Lee Martin took the win in this heat. In the top heat we saw Michal Orlowski laying down a blistering TQ run onto the track in Daun. He was the most consistent driver and took the win with 1.5 seconds in front of young Marcus Kaerup and the even younger talent Bartosz Zalewski. Micha Widmaier and Jörn Neuman completed the top five and 2WD winner Champlin took sixth overall for the round. The second qualifier took place on a very late Saturday evening. Michal Orlowski took another win and will start from pole position into the triple finals on Sunday.

Young Bartosz Zalewski had an amazing run to second for the round in front of Broc Champlin, Clement Boda, and Pekko Iivonen. After already sealing the TQ yesterday, Michal Orlowski left no doubt about his strength in 4WD here in Daun. He took the last qualifier on Sunday morning with 2.8 seconds from his former teammate Jörn Neumann. Broc Champlin followed another second behind them and is in the mix with P3 on the grid for the finals. Second place on the grid goes to young Bartek Zalewski from Poland. The youngster showed an amazing performance here at EOS RD3 and he will be one to watch in the finals.

Behind TQ Orlowski, Zalewski, and Champlin, it will be Marcus Kaerup and Jörn Neumann looking for something to happen out front.

Overall 4wd Modified Qualifying

RankPilotPoints TotalPoints per RunCountry
1Michal ORLOWSKI3101:1553:155 [2:155]PL
2Bartosz ZALEWSKI3052:1531:152 [3:149]PL
3Broc Champlin3043:1522:152 [1:149]US
4Marcus KAERUP3031:1533:150 [2:141]DK
5Jörn NEUMANN3033:1531:150 [2:145]DE
6Micha WIDMAIER3021:1513:151 [2:149]DE
7Clement BODA2992:1511:148 [3:140]FR
8Tommy HALL2952:1481:147 [3:145]GB
9Lee MARTIN2943:1481:146 [2:142]GB
10Alexander LANDÉN2943:1472:147 [1:145]SE

Michal Orlowski on his way to 4wd Mod pole position

MODIFIED TRUCK A1 – Jörn Neumann took the opening A-Main in the Modified Truck class from tone to tone. His truck looked amazing on track and his style of driving and jumping allowed him to pull away from Bayer, Götz, and Widmaier. Neuman crossed the finish line some 5 seconds ahead of Micha Widmaier, Max Götzl, Martin Bayer, and a great driving Sophie Müller in fifth place.

MODIFIED TRUCK A2 – The Neumann “Truck show” continued in the second A-Main. Martin Bayer was able to match Neumann`s pace in the first two laps but then he disappeared from Neumanns rear-view mirror as Neumann simply had too much pace in his car.

MODIFIED TRUCK A3 – The third and final Modified Truck A-Main saw Martin Bayer winning the race. Max Götzl and William Venables finished second and third. However, Jörn Neumann was stepping onto the top step of the podium with Martin Bayer (2nd) and Max Götzl (3rd). Micha Widmaier and Burak Kilic completed the top 5.

RankNr.FinalPilotPoints TotalPoints per RunCountry
1AJörn NEUMANN21:12:1 [3:11]DE
2AMartin BAYER33:12:2 [1:4]CZ
3AMax GÖTZL53:21:3 [2:4]CZ
4AMicha WIDMAIER71:22:5 [3:6]DE
5ABurak KILIC72:33:4 [1:11]TR
6AWilliam VENABLES93:32:6 [1:8]GB
7ASophie MÜLLER121:52:7 [3:10]DE
8ASenne PAUWELS123:51:7 [2:8]BE
9AStefan SIDLER131:63:7 [2:9]CH
10AChristian WUKONIG173:81:9 [2:10]AT

4WD STOCK A1 – Sören Sparbier was not having a great start into the first A-Main. He had to let Benetin and Stegmeier passing by in the first lap of the race but was driving a clever and smart race afterwards. He waited for something to happen in the front and as Benetin and Stegmeier both started to make mistakes, Sparbier took full advantage and drove to the win in A1. Sparbier`s championship contender Sven Rudig finished sixth and needed a miracle before leg 2 in the 4WD Stock Buggy class.

4WD STOCK A2 – The second A-Main saw Matus Benetin taking the win. Sören Sparbier, Simon Stegmeier, Sascha Frühwirth, and Aaron Waitz finished the run right behind Benetin. With a first and second place to his favour, Sören Sparbier has already sealed the overall championship in the 4WD Stock Buggy class. Sven Rudig is not able to finish in front of Sparbier anymore, and that handed the title already to Sparbier before A3. However, the decision for the race win here in Daun will be on the line in the last leg between Benetin, Sparbier, and Stegmeier. Let`s see who will take it!

4WD STOCK A3 – Top qualifier Sören Sparbier was starting from pole again, but he was not able to hold off Matus Benetin who had the best pace on track. Benetin won the last leg ahead of Stegmeier and Frühwirth  and the final result saw Sparbier and Stegmeier joining race winner Matus benetin on the podium.

RankNr.FinalPilotPoints TotalPoints per RunTrack ConditionCountry
1AMatus BENETIN23:12:1 [1:3]DrySK
2ASören SPARBIER31:12:2 [3:4]DryDE
3ASimon STEGMEIER41:23:2 [2:3]DryDE
4ASascha FRÜHWIRTH73:32:4 [1:7]DryDE
5AStefan MATAS91:43:5 [2:8]DryDE
6AAaron WAITZ112:53:6 [1:10]DryDE
7AOlivier DE MONTFUMAT132:63:7 [1:8]DryFR
8ASven RUDIG141:63:8 [2:9]DryDE
9AElias JORDAN151:52:10 [3:10]DryDE
10ABenedikt HEITZER162:71:9 [3:9]DryDE

4wd Stock Podium – Sparbier 3rd, Benetin 1st, Stegmeier 3rd

EOS10 Season Podium – Ruddig 3rd, Sparbier 1st, Levetzow 3rd

4WD MODIFIED A1 – By the time the first A Main was due to start, several people had commented that they were unsure how the finals would unfold at the front as Orlowski and Zalewski were both Polish as well as good friends. Some suggested that Zalewski could be used as a defensive tool for Orlowski, but as the Mains unfolded this was proven to be not the case.  As the race began, Orlowski made a good start with Zalewski following. Champlin made initial gains through the first few corners to draw up to the back of Zalewski with Kaerup following. Towards the end of the first lap, Orlowski had a bobble causing the field to dangerously bunch up as they made their way onto the straight for lap two. Over the course of lap two the major battle was for second position between Zalewski in 2nd, Champlin in 3rd and Kaerup in 4th. At the start of lap three there was an incident between Kaerup and Champlin which would require the intervention of the referee. As both cars passed the apex of the first corner off the straight, Kaerup was off line and carrying more speed at that point than Champlin in an attempt to get up the inside. However the additional speed would cause Kaerup to run wide into the side of Champlin forcing both the drivers off the track. Kaerup recovering extremely quickly whilst Champlin was left facing the wrong direction. There were many opinions and theories about the incident being voiced in the pits after the race, but I think the sigh of shock from the onlookers around the track tells us enough about the how nobody likes to see these incidents in our sport. Kaerup would have a 5 second penalty applied to his time at the end of the race. As things settled down after the first 90 seconds of the race, Orlowski led, with Zalewski very close behind, Kaerup in 3rd, Landen 4th and Champlin charging hard in 5th. Zalewski having to bail out of the big centre jump after tagging Orlowski on the up ramp which allowed Kaerup to draw right up to him as Orlowski made a break at the front. Moments later Zalewski would run wide over the 90° tabletop allowing Kaerup through into second and he then made an unforced error whilst trying to get the power down early coming onto the straight – clipping a bot dot and leaving the circuit at high speed resulting in a retirement.  Only two minutes of the race had passed yet there had been enough incidents for an entire race. With Michal Orlowski having a substantial lead, Kaerup had the hammer down and being tracked by Landen – but driving at that pace can be risky! And a lap later at the race midpoint a mistake from Kaerup saw Landen promoted to second place, which he immediately handed back due to a crash of his own. Thing settle down a little with two minutes to go – Orlowski still out in front, Kaerup second on track, Widmaier 3rd and Neumann 4th. The final 90 seconds of the race were thankfully incident free. Michal Orlowski looked smooth and relaxed at the front. Kaerup chasing hard behind making up 0.1 seconds a lap which was not enough. Widmaier in third doing has best to defend against Neumann. The race order did not change before the finish.

11Michal ORLOWSKI185:12.70617.11217.347
26Micha WIDMAIER185:16.56917.11817.550
35Jörn NEUMANN185:16.86217.24617.540
47Clement BODA175:00.66617.11617.648
58Tommy HALL175:01.30917.22917.684
69Lee MARTIN175:02.01417.25617.720
74Marcus KAERUP175:02.07217.02217.434L: 18 > 17 T: 5:14.302 > 5:02.072
83Broc Champlin175:02.24017.01917.751
910Alexander LANDÉN175:03.87217.15317.817
102Bartosz ZALEWSKI51:32.21217.26118.551

4WD MODIFIED A2 – There was still tension in the air by the time A Main #2 was gearing up to get started. Michal Orlowski shrugged it off however and made a fast start to the race. A couple of laps in and it was Orlowski, Zalewski and Champlin making a break away from the chasing pack. Champlin was the first to faulter, getting a chassis smack and resultant flip on the back jump. That let Jorn Neumann through to lead the chasing pack in third, Champlin rejoining in fourth. Neumann was making serious inroads into the leaders advantage before a mistake saw Champlin regain third – a minute and half down.  It was then Champlin’s turn to be fastest man on track, and you could see the gap to Zalewski in second diminishing quickly. The situation made easier for Champlin when Zalewski crashed on the corner after the back jump – Champlin up to second. Behind the top two, Lee Martin was no leading the chasing pack with Landen, Hall and Kaerup close behind. For the next several laps Orlowski continued to lead, Champlin in second giving it everything to close the gap, Martin 3rd, Landen 4th under pressure from Tommy Hall. Into the last 45 seconds, Lee Martin chassis slapped the back jump and flipped just as Champlin had previously done. This allowed Landen and Hall through. The order did not change again before the race finish. Michal Orlowski took his second A Main win, meaning that he takes the 4wd meeting.

PosNr.Pilot NrPilotILapsEndtimeBesttimeMediumtime
11Michal ORLOWSKI185:13.07117.04117.388
23Broc Champlin185:13.48817.04017.365
310Alexander LANDÉN175:03.76417.30617.820
48Tommy HALL175:04.26817.45817.865
59Lee MARTIN175:04.69217.33517.879
62Bartosz ZALEWSKI175:04.75817.06617.926
76Micha WIDMAIER175:05.21817.20817.929
85Jörn NEUMANN175:06.22417.04817.958
97Clement BODA175:08.53217.29218.133
104Marcus KAERUP175:16.70617.40518.662

Champlin impressed many people on his first EOS visit

4WD MODIFIED A3 – Having won the 4wd section, Michal Orlowski was in the onlooking crowd for Leg 3. Orlowski had won the meeting with two x one point finishes – a total of two points. The closest competitors after two legs were on nine points! So, the remaining podium positions could be anyone’s! Bartek Zalewski led the field away at a renewed and fast pace – initially tagging a hose on the second corner but getting away with it. He then opened the taps and put in some very fast laps, slightly gapping the chasing pack. With a minute down, the major battle on track was between Champlin, Kaerup and Neumann for second. Champlin was flamboyant whilst air bourn and was able to whip and pitch his car at extraordinary angles. Kaerup with a plainer style was equally fast. The battle continued for several laps before Champlin nudged a hose and was forced wide – Kaerup not waiting to be asked twice securing second position. A further mistake from Champlin before the center jump allowed Kaerup break away. With two minutes to go, Kaerup was eating into Zalewski’s lead in big chunks. But there was not enough time and Zalewski was first across the line. Champlin doing enough to secure third and second place overall.

Bartek Zalewski in flight

12Bartosz ZALEWSKI185:10.11816.97618.272
24Marcus KAERUP185:12.50516.93817.312
33Broc Champlin185:14.54417.12017.409
45Jörn NEUMANN185:15.28217.19017.425
56Micha WIDMAIER185:16.87016.98317.556
67Clement BODA175:00.69417.18817.638
710Alexander LANDÉN175:01.11617.24917.637
89Lee MARTIN175:06.16017.23717.928
98Tommy HALL82:32.92617.18119.201
101Michal ORLOWSKIDNS00:00.0000.0000.000

Overall 4WD Modified Results.

RankNr.FinalPilotPoints TotalPoints per RunTrack ConditionCountry
1AMichal ORLOWSKI21:12:1 [3:10]DryPL
2ABroc Champlin52:23:3 [1:8]DryUS
3ABartosz ZALEWSKI73:12:6 [1:10]DryPL
4AMicha WIDMAIER71:23:5 [2:7]DryDE
5AJörn NEUMANN71:33:4 [2:8]DryDE
6AMarcus KAERUP93:21:7 [2:10]DryDK
7ATommy HALL92:41:5 [3:9]DryGB
8AAlexander LANDÉN102:33:7 [1:9]DrySE
9AClement BODA101:43:6 [2:9]DryFR
10ALee MARTIN112:51:6 [3:8]DryGB

4wd Podium, Champlin 2nd, Orlowski 1st, Zalewski 3rd

EOS10 4wd Season Podium – Kaerup 2nd, Orlowski 1st, Widmaier 3rd

Final thoughts;

The EOS has survived the pandemic and has managed to close out a shortened season in style. It is now time to reflect and look at planning a brand new season in late 2023 and early 2024. There are already events being planned and announcements will follow later this summer season. Congratulations to Michal Orlowski for taking the double championship and his 7th EOS win. And also congratulations to Broc Champlin on winning 2wd at his first EOS attempt – a clever move by LRP & Schumacher to strengthen their team in an important year. We can also report that the sport is safe into the future with talents like Kaerup, Zalewski, Widmaier, Landen etc, emerging. Enjoy your Euros and Worlds and we will take to you later this year!