May 18, 2024


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An Interview with Bartek Zalewski

Pawel at Race Stars Poland was kind enough to share…

1) How old are you?
– I’m just about to turn 16 years old.

2) How long have you been driving?
– I was driving RC cars since before I was 5 years old.. I got my first RC car (Tamiya DT-02) for my 5th birthday present.

3) Who dragged you into the RC world?
– My parents actually. One day my Mom read about an RC racing competition in the Blue City mall, near my home in Warsaw, Poland. We went there and the story begun. At first, we borrowed an RC car from Niko Triadafilidis’ RC school. After couple of training sessions, I bought my own car to racing.

4) What RC classes do you race in? Which one is your favourite?
– Recently I’ve been racing in two classes. 1/10th EP Offroad 2wd & 4wd as well as 1/8th Offroad Nitro & EBuggy. I like them both.

5) Please tell us about your recent racing successes.
– National Polish National Kadet Champion in 1/8 EBuggy & Nitro, and 1/10 2wd & 4wd. I quite proud of my run of success.

6) Which victory or race is most memorable for you?
– I have lots of great memories, but of the more recent ones, the 3rd final the the EOS in Daun this year which I won. And also the final of “last chance” during the recent 1/8th EBuggy Euros at the Hudy Arena. I was leading for a long time but on last by one corner, Robert Batlle overtook me. Lost opportunity for an A Final win, but its ok, more will come.

7) How do you prepare yourself for races? What do You do to keep Your skills sharp?
– I practice as often as I can, a few times a week during carpet season. For 1/8 buggy not so often because the nearest track is 350 km away from my home. Beyond racing on track, trying to keep my body in good shape by keeping active. From windsurfing, table tennis to many winter sports like snowboarding or skiing. Trying to focus on hand/eye coordination and reflexes mostly. And stamina as well, it comes quite useful for 45 min finals.

8) When did you get your first sponsor? And with whom?
– That when I was racing on-road cars, in 2017 if I remember correctly. Signed with Niko Triadafilidis to drive Tamiya. Then when I decided to start in off-road buggy classes in 2018, I signed contract with Xray and we continue to cooperate to this day.

9) How many sponsors do you have?
– A few. They supply me in cars, parts, electronics, wheels and support me to start at international races.

10) You got a new sponsor lately, please tell more about it.
– Yes, that’s right. It is “TME”, thanks to them I was able to participate in world championships in Redovan, Spain. They support me during all season also.

11) You started off on the right foot this summer. Great results. Please tell us more about it.
– Yes indeed. In 1/8 EBuggy, I won the European Junior title. I am also Junior European B Nitro Junior Champion and finished 3rd Junior in the IFMAR Nitro World Championships.

12) What is your goal for upcoming winter season? What is your plan?
– Work hard, train hard in essence. Become faster and join as many big international events possible.

13) Do You have any plans for RC racing in the future? How do you see yourself as in the future of RC racing?
– To race as long as possible for now. Future will tell…
I hope to compete in the EOS, Nitro Euros A and the Polish Nationals.

14) What would You like to tell young-players starting their journey in RC racing?
– Keep trying, even if I fail sometimes. It will pass. Stay motivated even if others are faster on track. Keep in mind, that sometimes slower means faster (this rule apply to more experienced as well 😉 ). This sport is for everyone. You are doing it for fun, it is a great way to spend some time with friends or family (especially when the events last all weekend).

15) Next race ?
– XRS Slovakia, and before Christmas “Race Stars Contest 22” in Poland.

16)Last question. Would you like to greet someone?
– My parents, my brother, Paweł Ovca, friends and sponsors. See You on track!