May 18, 2024


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BRCA R6 RHR – 4wd Qualifying Round 3

We’ve witnessed a stunning display of speed from some of the top heats in Round 3 of 4wd Qualifying. The sun has remained out and consistent, so nobody can say the track was different for them than others. However the heat is causing peoples shocks and diffs to thin out and that is causing issues for some.

4wd Qualifying Round 3

Josh Holdsworth put in a 14 lapper to look seriously competitive for the round TQ. His time of 14/318.63 was at the sharpest end of the field. He was about 5 seconds ahead of brother Luke in heat 7. we would find out later on that this excellent time was only good enough for 4th in round.

2022 BRCA 1/10th Offroad National Championships

Round 6 – RHR – 27/28 August 2022

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Heat 9 was simply epic. Tommy Hall was first on the road and was running at a hot pace with no mistakes. For the full five minute run, Ben Smith sat just a metre or two off Hall’s back bumper and was leading on time for most of the run and for the finish. Hall looked to be wrangling his car just a little more in comparison to Smith – but as they always say, “it’s easier to follow”. Hall put in a rapid 14/317.05, but Smith put in a sensational 14/316.21. Surely this is as far as the times can tumble considering Smith had a clear and fast run.


Michal Orlowski and Lee Martin were the only drivers from heat 12 who had the pace to challenge Smith’s time. Orlowski was off from the start with a fast and smooth run. Martin was also running fast, but an unfortunate error after passing a back marker saw his car facing the wrong way and hooked up with the back marker cost alot ot time. Orlowski made his own mistakes, but managed to get away with them. By the heat finish Orlowski logged 14/317.36 to go 3rd behind Smaith & Hall. Martin ran very fast after his error to recover to 13/302.46 to secure 6th.

That is Smith’s first TQ in round, so round 4 will decide who takes pole position for the A Finals.


4wd Qualifying Round 3 results

1Ben Smith14/316.21
2Tommy Hall14/317.05
3Michal Orlowski14/317.36
4Josh Holdsworth14/318.63
5Paul Crompton13/300.36
6Lee Martin13/302.19
7Jamie Hall13/302.46
8Luke Holdsworth13/303.27
9Edward Callan13/307.48
10William Callan13/308.48
11Matthew Thompson13/309.61
12Daniel Pole13/311.77
13Ben Pugh13/311.83
14Ben Jemison13/312.81
15Harley Eldridge13/314.28
16Richard Barton13/314.86
17Tyler Liddle13/315.13
18Dominic Nunn13/315.59
19Phil Sleigh13/316.22
20James Helliwell13/318.34

Overall points after 4wd Qualifying Round 3

1Ben Smith2 [2 (2) 0 (87)]14/316.21
2Tommy Hall2 [0 (15) 2 (87)]14/321.45
3Michal Orlowski3 [(5) 0 3 (87)]14/317.37
4Lee Martin6 [3 3 (6) (87)]14/321.76
5Josh Holdsworth8 [4 (6) 4 (87)]14/318.63
6Paul Crompton11 [6 (55) 5 (87)]13/300.36
7Edward Callan13 [(9) 4 9 (87)]13/302.71
8Luke Holdsworth13 [(8) 5 8 (87)]13/305.86
9Jamie Hall14 [(30) 7 7 (87)]13/302.46
10Phil Sleigh17 [7 10 (19) (87)]13/307.13