June 23, 2024


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BRCA R6 RHR – 2wd Qualifying Round 3

The sunny and breezy day continues here at Robin Hood Raceway. The track cooled off considerably during round 3 of 2wd Qualifying as clouds put the venue into shade only for the sun to reemerge in the last minute of heat 12. As the track cooled the times appear to have reduced which will make setting a new fastest time very hard if the sun stays out for the remainder of the afternoon.

2wd Qualifying Round 3….

You have to scan the results all the way down to heat 8 before you can spot a driver who is on 13 laps – that’s Archie Bowman. When Archie set the time it put him on the lead lap but later on in the session one driver would separate himself out – the only one on 14 laps. Bowman’s time was relegated in the overall round result by Daniel Pole – another young gun.

2022 BRCA 1/10th Offroad National Championships

Round 6 – RHR – 27/28 August 2022

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As we’ve become accustomed to, Heat 10 saw a major step up in pace. Luke Holdsworth going third in round on a 13/306.82. That score left Holdsworth 4th in the overall points with one round to go. Tom Yardy was second in the heat some three seconds behind.


Heat 11 was also fast, just not quite fast enough. Jamie Hall was the fastest in heat with some errors but still a time of 13/308.14 – Jamie has pace! Ben Smith was second in heat on 13/312.80. This will count as one of Smith’s drop scores leaving him still 3rd overall. Jamie yet to put in a second low score to stick it in the ‘A’.


2wd Qualifying Round 3 results.

1Michal Orlowski14/322.72
2Tommy Hall13/305.30
3Luke Holdsworth13/306.82
4Tyler Liddle13/307.81
5Jamie Hall13/308.14
6Lee Martin13/308.58
7Tom Yardy13/309.73
8Edward Callan13/311.33
9Phil Sleigh13/312.27
10Ben Smith13/312.80
11Eugene Galley13/313.02
12Paul Crompton13/313.41
13Charlie Saunders13/313.90
14Lewis Hopkins13/314.14
15Josh Holdsworth13/317.73
16William Venables13/318.06
17Daniel Pole13/318.35
18Ben Pugh13/318.52
19William Callan13/318.71
20Ben Jemison13/319.33

Overall points after 3 rounds of 2wd Qualifying

1Michal Orlowski0 [0 (3) 0 (117)]14/322.72
2Tommy Hall2 [2 0 (2) (117)]13/304.29
3Ben Smith6 [4 2 (10) (117)]13/306.09
4Luke Holdsworth8 [5 (10) 3 (117)]13/306.82
5Tyler Liddle11 [(15) 7 4 (117)]13/307.81
6Lee Martin11 [(6) 5 6 (117)]13/311.20
7Edward Callan14 [(14) 6 8 (117)]13/313.19
8Tom Yardy14 [7 (8) 7 (117)]13/309.73
9Paul Crompton16 [(16) 4 12 (117)]13/311.08
10Josh Holdsworth18 [3 (35) 15 (117)]13/306.71

We were very happy to see Paul Worsley at the event. Paul has sat out the majority of the series this year since he was succeeded by Martin Owen as section chairman. Paul is still at the cutting edge of the regulation of the technical aspects of the sport in Europe.