June 13, 2024


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BRCA R4 Stotfold – 2wd Qualifying Round 2

We have been provided with, very kindly by the Stotfold club, a tent to keep us in the shade. Thankfully the tent is tucked in under some trees which are providing shade. A cool breeze making it quite comfortable. I have to say though that the other side of the track, which is in direct sunshine, is a different story. There are people actively moving from shadow to shadow in an attempt to avoid the heat of the sun. It is only twenty-seven degrees Celsius, but that plenty for most. The track is becoming scorched and dusty, so lap times have reduced.

Lower heats

Stewart Wilcox from heat 1 has found his stride and was untouchable in heat 1 – putting in a very respectable 13/320.49. The time would not be beaten until Charlie Ware appeared in heat 4. Charlie putting in another good run to go 13/307.32 – again Ware’s time would sit at the top of the table for a significant portion of the round.

We’ve noticed that the local racers are going particularly well in 2wd. So it was not a surprise when Stotfold regular Alex Carter was the one who displaced Charlie Ware from Heat 7. Carter putting in a fast time in slowing conditions with a 13/302.18 – with Harry Mears on tow also just pipping Ware.

2022 BRCA 1/10th Offroad National Championships

Round 4 – Stotfold – 16/17 July 2022

Top Heats….

Some people commented that the reason the locals are going well is that no pre-event practice was permitted at the venue. However, I think you still have to be able to drive it, and it is probably better for the series not to allow such private practice sessions. In heat 9 we saw a significant increase in pace with 6 drivers making it onto 14 laps. Joe Howson on an incredible 14/310.45 leading a pack of Orlowski, Smith Martin, Crompton & Pugh. Howson put in a near perfect run, and it looked like a hard performance to beat. In heat 10, another local Kit Jones, lead J Hall, L Holdsworth and Liddle on 14 lap runs, but none of the times were are sharp as Howson’s.


Heat 11 was the last chance for drivers to attempt to displace Howson from the top. Neil Cragg looked smooth and fast on track. Tommy Hall clocked in a 14/318.05 with a mistake, followed by Richard Barton on a 14/322.17. But Cragg had no mistakes and was fast, just not as fast as Howson, going 2nd in round on a 14/311.07 – some 1.4 seconds adrift of TQ in round.


2wd qualifying round 2 top 10 results.

1Joseph Howson14/310.45
2Neil Cragg14/311.07
3Michal Orlowski14/314.53
4Ben Smith14/315.40
5Kit Jones14/316.78
6Lee Martin14/317.42
7Tommy Hall14/318.05
8Jamie Hall14/318.18
9Luke Holdsworth14/320.73
10Paul Crompton14/320.94

Overall 2wd qualifying points after round 2 (including a drop score)

1Joseph Howson2 [2 0 (109) (109)]14/310.45
2Neil Cragg2 [0 2 (109) (109)]14/313.02
3Michal Orlowski6 [3 3 (109) (109)]14/314.53
4Lee Martin10 [4 6 (109) (109)]14/315.84
5Kit Jones12 [7 5 (109) (109)]14/316.78
6Luke Holdsworth14 [5 9 (109) (109)]14/317.74
7Tommy Hall18 [11 7 (109) (109)]14/318.05
8Paul Crompton19 [9 10 (109) (109)]14/328.67
9Ben Smith23 [19 4 (109) (109)]14/315.40
10Jamie Hall24 [16 8 (109) (109)]14/318.18

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