May 18, 2024


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BRCA R3 Boughton – 4wd Qualifying Round 2

Round 2 was another 4wd round of qualifying full of pace and problems. The track has heated further and traction is down when there is a gap in the clouds – its only seems to take a minute or two of direct sunshine for the track to be affected.


Heat 6 is being dominated by Michal Orlowski. The young Pole was putting in a flawless run with the sun behind the clouds and grip level elevated – perhaps a little too elevated as mid-race he tagged an apex and grip rolled. Hidden from the closest Marshal another one had to cross a couple of lanes to attend to his stricken car – losing about 6 seconds. So it was a bit of shock when Orlowski posted a time only a second shy of his round 1 time – 13/314.73. Even with the error, this was going to be a hard time to beat.

2022 BRCA 1/10th Offroad National Championships

Round 3 – Boughton – 11/12 June 2022

The driver with the potential to displace Orlowski was Paul Crompton. Again, as per round 1, he was properly rapid, but definitely at 105% most of the time – bobbles, bad bumps and tagging hoses were continuous events during the run. The inconsistencies added up and he posted a 12/314.93 – just 0.2 behind Orloswski to go second for the moment.

The sun started to come back out for heat 12 where all eyes were on Neil Cragg. His car appeared to have some serious traction in comparison to most others, however the trade off for that was that the rear of the car looked stiff and overall it had lots of rotation. Neil put in a blistering run which was not with out error – momentarily getting beached on a hose for a second or two for instance. He was able to hang onto it and posted 11/314.69 – just ahead of Orlowski.

So after two rounds its one TQ each for Crompton and Cragg with Orlowski threatening….. Round 3 coming up.

4wd Qualifying Round 2 top 10

1Neil Cragg12/314.69
2Michal Orlowski12/314.73
3Paul Crompton12/314.93
4Ben Smith12/316.96
5Josh Holdsworth12/319.29
6Tommy Hall12/320.62
7Jamie Hall12/323.92
8Lee Martin12/324.45
9Dominic Nunn12/324.63
10Ben Pugh12/325.77

Overall points table after 4wd Qualifying Round 2

1Paul Crompton3 [0 3 (90) (90)]12/311.62
2Neil Cragg3 [3 0 (90) (90)]12/314.69
3Michal Orlowski4 [2 2 (90) (90)]12/313.90
4Josh Holdsworth10 [5 5 (90) (90)]12/319.29
5Ben Smith11 [7 4 (90) (90)]12/316.96
6Lee Martin12 [4 8 (90) (90)]12/319.49
7Jamie Hall13 [6 7 (90) (90)]12/325.23
8Tommy Hall14 [8 6 (90) (90)]12/320.62
9Ben Pugh19 [9 10 (90) (90)]11/301.55
10Dominic Nunn24 [15 9 (90) (90)]12/324.63

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